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Carrier for nursing

I'm looking for a carrier to use that my LO can nurse in.  She's 5 weeks, 9-10 lbs.  I have an ergo but I find that it's a little cumbersome to put on and she can't nurse while wearing it.  I'm looking at either the K'tan or Balboa and probably leaning towards the K'tan.

Which of these would you prefer or recommend another that you find useful.  Thanks!
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Re: Carrier for nursing

  • I love nursing in my K'tan!

    I put her in more of a horizontal position and rest her head on the crook of my arm. So its not exactly hands free, but I'm still able to do things around the house, take the dog for a stroll, walk around the store, etc. Its a lifesaver!

    When she's done nursing I put her in vertically and thats totally hands free of course, and plus its very comfortable for my back.

    Its the only carrier we've used so far but I am very happy with it. I can tell she's going to outgrow it in a few months (she's 9 weeks old) but it has been well worth it. So incredibly easy to put on- I only had to look at the instructions twice before I had it down.
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  • We have an ergo and I agree that it's cumbersome. I went to the fabric store, picked one I liked (blue seersucker) and bought 4.5 yards of it. At home, I cut it in half down the middle so I had two 4.5 yards of fabric and I watched a video online of how to carry my child with a wrap. I've been doing that for over 6 months now and it's been great. There are so many options on how to carry LO, including how to nurse while carrying.
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  • I wish I had an ergo just for ease of use!!! I make ring slings, and desperately need to make one for DS. I also love my wrap!! You might try to find a baby wearing group around you! (Mine is on Facebook!) you may be able to borrow or try some different options! We have a lending library that we pay $20 a year and can borrow carriers for 2 weeks to a month! Much better than buying something expensive and hating it! ;-)
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  • We love our boba 3G. We love that it doesn't require an infant insert, it just has snaps to adjust it. One of mine still needs the infant size and the other doesn't, so it's definitely more convenient than the ergo infant insert. I have no problem nursing in it either. The straps are designed to allow you to. We had an ergo sport and I'm glad we exchanged it for the boba.
  • Ring sling is the best for nursing right now. Very good and discrete, works all the way to toddlerhood.
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