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Anyone know a brand of diapers In between NB & size 1?

Im currently using pampers swaddlers & NB size is to small for her but size 1 is to big. I dont want to buy diapers to experiment but any company out there that might be a size in between?
Thanks :)))

Before I had her I never imagined that diapers and breastfeeding would be my problems in addition to all the other shit! 

Kudos to all of you...Seriously if you havent patted yourself on the back then do so. This mothering thing is the TOUGHEST experience out there!! 

Re: Anyone know a brand of diapers In between NB & size 1?

  • We had the same issue. Huggies 1s were smaller than pampers 1s, but they felt like cardboard and leaked. We went back to newborns and then just pulled the 1s as tight as we could. It only lasted about a week and a half before the 1s really fit.
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  • ok thanks
    I had a bunch of huggies NB and hated them!
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  • We had the same issue. So I just used the size 1's and folded them down. Worked fine until he fully grew into them

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  • We are currently using some CVS brand size 1s that are smaller than Pampers 1s, or you can just fold the front down a little.
  • I've found that Pampers baby dry line seem to for snugger, but that may just be me. My kids have all been super skinny and have trouble with diapers staying on, especially when in between sizes. Overall the Target brand ones are what we've had the best luck with.
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  • I have found the Target brand ( up & up) in size 1 is huge, wouldn't recommend trying... Also if you are used to Pampers you probably won't like the feel of the target diaper, also they do not have the "back overflow catcher flap" that many name brands have. I have heard many people do like them though, size wise I was not impressed for my kiddo needing something a tish bigger than a NB. Hope it helps...
  • Just opened a package of Luv's NB yesterday and noticed they were a little bigger than the Swaddlers NB we had been using.  Not sure how they compare to a size 1 though.  
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  • We had that issue with sizing. I bought one package of Huggies Snugglers in NB. They were a tight fit, but we used them all up and then started using the Pampers Swaddlers in 1s. They seemed a little big, but worked well enough. It's what she was using in the hospital. We are working our way through a package of Luvs size 1s now. I don't like them because they don't have the wetness indicator and seem a little big, too. We bought a box of Pampers Swaddlers in 1s yesterday, but will go through the Luvs package first. The Luvs we got at a baby shower.


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