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Pain, LO not emptying, and oversupply

I don't know what to do! I keep trying to fix this but it keeps getting worse!

LO has mostly been snacking for the past couple of days, making it confusing and difficult to keep things even.

I think the extra stimulation has helped my oversupply return, which is making it harder for him to eat properly, causing him to spit up, and again want another small snack 45 min later...

I am at a loss. And one side hurts. It just hurts, that's all there is to it. I pumped a little off and it felt better, then I pumped on that side at my usual time. But LO just nursed the other side and the pain is back.

LO is 4 weeks old.

Re: Pain, LO not emptying, and oversupply

  • How often are you pumping and what's your nursing pattern like?  Ideally you should only be pumping maybe once a day.  Hand express otherwise to relieve discomfort.  Have you looked into block feeding at all?

    When you say one side hurts - do you mean during nursing or constantly?  If it's ongoing, it could well be a plugged duct.  If you can localize the pain, massage that area firmly, particularly while nursing or pumping.
  • I pump once during my older son's nap and again later in the evenings if DH gives LO a bottle. If we don't do a bottle that night I don't pump of course. He had been nursing anywhere from every 1.5 to every 3.5 hours during the day, and every 3 to 4.5 at night. I also was waking him up every 3 hours and just stopped that a few days ago.

    I don't pump to comfort except today when I was in true discomfort. I even avoid hand expressing, I just try to soak it up on a burp cloth.

    LO is choking and getting extra air because my letdown is so fast. I squirt milk all over everything. All of our clothes and everything is getting stained lol!

    I tried block feeding for about 6 days and it decreased my supply too much.

    It hurts all the time. It's like a sudden shooting pain that starts at my nipple and goes back into my breast. If that makes sense. It's not excruciating or anything, but it certainly is not comfortable either.
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  • Oh. No. That is terrifying. I thought c section babies do not get thrush? I don't think I have any other symptoms, what would they be?

    As he is nursing I am feeling it on the side he is nursing now.
  • Any baby can get thrush - it's an overgrowth of yeast.  I would consult with an IBCLC.

    And on the block feeding - start with just a day.  Then go to just nursing one side per session.  If you still have oversupply, try block feeding a little longer.  6 days won't be needed for most!
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