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cold medicine for 4-5 year olds?

I've always given my girls benadryl at night when they have a cold, but I havent tried anything in the daytime yet (except homeopathic Hylands which did nothing). Has anyone given cold medication to their 4 or 5 year old? One of my girls is very small so she may not make the weight limit. Thanks!

Re: cold medicine for 4-5 year olds?

  • There isn't much you are supposed to give under age 6... the Hylands nighttime stuff actually does seem to work in our house to help them sleep if cough is keeping them up, though I agree that I haven't seen much improvement w/ the daytime. 
    I want to say maybe some pediatricians will ok certain things in certain situations so maybe it is worth calling & asking yours but for the most part there are not many options.

  • Our pedi OK's Mucinex at 1/2 the normal dose or Zarbee's (its natural honey based) for bad coughs. I'd check with your dr first before giving them anything.
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  • I just ask DS pedi about cough and cold meds. She said just some tea and honey. She didn't recommend any cold meds. DS is 4.5.
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  • They're probably still too young. I havent tried the Night Hylands or zarbees.
  • Just kids Advil.
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  • Just because something is organic does not mean it does not act like a drug. I would not give my kid any cold mess even organic before talking to the doctor. I agree if they are uncomfortable do Advil. Use saline spray in their nose.
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