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Should I call?

I am 6 weeks and the MS has come in full force. I'm pretty sick all the time. Anyway, we are leaving for a cruise tomorrow that we have planned for a year! I am going with family that doesn't know yet and I'm not ready to tell them. I want to enjoy my trip and not be miserable the entire time. I was thinking of calling my doc tomorrow to see if they can call something in like zofran to get me through the week. It's a Saturday so they would have to be paged and everything. Should I call? I don't want to be too bothersome

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  • I would wait it out. Zofran is for extreme cases of vomiting & HG. The usual morning sickness like you describe should be tolerable with ginger ale etc.

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    Take some unisom, if you feel comfortable with it.  I was told to try it by my OB last time, as a step before Zofran.  It was originally made to be an anti-nausea med but it kept putting people to sleep so they started marketing it as a sleep aide.  You need the original formula in the orange box, little blue pills.  I took one every night at bedtime and it worked like a charm.  You could also try sea bands or B6 supplements.  Good luck and have fun on your cruise!

    ETA: By comfortable, I mean comfortable taking the word of an internet stranger instead of a doctor, Unisom is perfectly safe for pregnant ladies :)

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  • I just bought the sea band and I'm going to go buy the unisom. I have b6 at home so I'll start taking that too. The nurse at the office told me that was safe when I scheduled my appt. thanks!!!
  • B6 and Unisom helped at that stage. Doesn't hurt to call though. If you're sick that early you may end up needing Zofran (I did).
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  • Ya I'm just really concerned about work after vacation. I'm a nurse and work 12 hour shifts. Sometimes it's so busy I don't eat until 2 or 3. There are not many times I can take breaks so if it gets too bad I'll have to get something that will help so I can work!
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