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Horrible razor burn while pregnant?

Before I was pregnant, I would occasionally get a little shaving irritation, but usually because I tried to shave too frequently. Now I've started getting INSANE razor burn in my armpits. It's AWFUL; I'd compare the discomfort level to the first day or two after getting a tattoo (not exactly a place I'd choose to get one). I've tried switching to shaving with lotion, conditioner, unscented soap, and I use a new razor every time. I've also tried using Bikini Zone afterwards, but it only relieves it slightly for a few minutes, and doesn't seem to help it heal. I'll wait over a week for it to clear up before attempting again, but I regret it every time I decide to shave. Unfortunately, I have black hair and pale skin, which makes for a really noticeable combination, so this whole shaving once a week or two thing isn't really working out for me. :-( Any ideas?

Re: Horrible razor burn while pregnant?

  • Electric razor

  • Thanks! My husband has been letting me use his old electric razor. I'm not getting as close of a shave as I'm used to, but it's WAY better than not shaving at all or suffering through the shaving irritation.
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  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I thought I was crazy! 

    Mine was annoying me so badly that I goggled it the other night and this is what a lot of people recommended:
    - Don't store your razor in your bath/shower (the moisture breeds bacteria)
    - Don't shave (I'm with you though, not an option)
    - Put an ice pack on the area when it starts to really bug you
    - Don't use any skin products containing alcohol

    I found some razor burn relief pads/wipes on amazon, I'm waiting for them to ship.  Hopefully they work.

    Let me know if you find something that helps!!
  • Sadly, I still haven't found anything better than just using an electric razor and leaving a tiny bit of stubble. But again, it's still a lot less embarrassing for me than not shaving at all. Luckily, the weather is nice and chilly now, so my clothes cover everything up anyway! I just hope my skin goes back to normal after this baby comes (hopefully) next month,
  • Just thought I'd update, in case anyone looks up this thread again! Yes, it did get better post-baby. :-)
  • Congrats on the clear-up and arrival of LO!

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