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GMIL bought a bag of candy corn and candy pumpkins from Sam's. they were 4.5 lbs each. She sent home a gallon sized ziplock full. It has been my saving grace for today. Due to the bleeding I can't drink, so I'm substituting with candy!
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  • I discovered starburst candy corn at Target last week.  amazing.

    DH & I went out with friends for pizza tonight (Go Oktoberfest Potato Dill!), and I got a black currant spritzer even :)


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  • Both kids were asleep at 7:45 tonight. Yay!

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  • DH and I are going to look at houses today!!
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    Today is my first day off in 7 days, and I get to have lunch with one of my college bffs! :)
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  • I can't wait to hear all about it :)
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  • Congrats all around, Snuff!
  • I am having a really tough time moving to a new apartment because I am doing this alone (the moving part).  I didn't realize how weak I truly was initially and have been panicking thus throwing up. 
    Good news is my landlady is giving me a few days extra to move so I can manage it a little slower.  A few days brings me so much relief!  (more time to procrastinate most likely)
    Btw.. I am mostly a lurker on this board and have enjoyed the goings-on.  My name is Nicole.. hello!
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