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Hi guys, new to the bump, a bit nervous as well about all this baby stuff. My husband and I recently decided we want to start a family soon but I am so anxious about it. I know I want children but I'm scared of needles and pregnancy/birth terrifies me as well as I'm concerned about my job. I'm very happy at work but if I go out on leave someone else will need to come in and I'm afraid a position would ultimately be eliminated after I returned... Not sure what to do. Thinking about starting to try in January perhaps. Any advice anyone could offer? Thanks guys!

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  • No real advice but welcome. I'm just coming out of lurkdom. My DH and I are also planning on starting TTC next year.
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  • My children are 17,18, and 20 from a previous marriage. My DH and I are going to start TTC so I'll be starting all over again now at 38. Here's to happy trying!!!
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  • Welcome and good luck!   I'm a newb here as well, it should be a fun journey :)  I think it's completely normal to be nervous and/or anxious.

    I have a 15 yr old from a previous relationship and have just started TTC at 33 yrs old, after 6 yrs of marriage with my DH.

    Pregnancy, labor, & delivery are not nearly as scary as the terrible horror stories you hear.  (well, not typically) As for your job, FMLA protects your position when you take maternity leave.  Hope that helps!  


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  • There's so much that you can worry about, but don't forget to let yourself be happy too!  It's an exciting time!!  Good luck to you on your journey.  :)
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  • I've been TTC since last month but have had baby brains since March/April.  In July I started 'prepping' for TTC.  I made sure I was getting the rights vitamins and nutrients as well as studying fertility and the science of it all.  It has helped a lot in getting familiar with my body.  A lot of people have bashed me on here because I started 'planning' TTC so I guess the Trying to Get Pregnant board is for people that have been trying longer than a few months.  I'm still trying to find my place here, just don't get discouraged when people get nasty or rude.  Just smile and move on somewhere else, That's what I'm doing anyways, and I've learned a good bit along the way:]

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  • I'm planning to start TTC in January here to happy peeping minds and body

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  • Welcome. If your work qualifies for FMLA you won't have to worry about your job (not everyone is covered, so you will have to check based on the size of your company and job type/FTE).
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