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Feeding question... for a 14 month old

DS is 14 months old and I really don't know where I should be with feeding him.   He has all his incisors and 2 upper molars.  What do you feed your kids for a meal?

When I ask at the Drs, all they say is you are doing a good job, keep it up!  Because he is where he should be for his age.  And then tell me, he'll let me know when he is ready...he NEVER held his own bottle until the day we stopped giving it.  He will eat ANYTHING you give him either spoonfed or finger foods.  If mommy is offering it, he will take it in whatever form it comes in (except liquid formula!) 

Should I still be feeding formula?  Baby cereal?  Every meal, some meals? 

Right now I mix 2 scoops of dry infant formula with 4 tablespoons of some type of baby cereal 3-4 times daily.  With that he gets 2-4 ounces of jarred baby food (veggie or fruit).  From there the rest of his meal is sippy cup and finger foods until he starts throwing things/playing with it and you know he's done.  He gets whatever we are eating if its something he can chew and I've started ordering kid menu stuff because he eats nearly 1/2 of my dinner if I don't.

The only thing I can't get him to take much of is dairy.  He doesn't like milk, cheese, cottage cheese or eggs.  He will eat yogurt but too much gives him the runs.  I've gotten him to drink Almond milk dark chocolate cut with 1% regular milk finally.  He doesn't like whole milk, Lactaid or Coconut milk.

Occasionally I have tried to just feed finger foods but he doesn't seem full, after an hour he is hungry again.  (When I say finger foods, I mean anything we eat just finger sized.)

Just curious to what everyone else does.

Re: Feeding question... for a 14 month old

  • We also did BLW so my son was eating steak and potatoes since 6 months. There's really nothing they can't eat. You dont use most of your teeth for chewing anyway, only the molars, so hard baby gums work just as well. If he's interested and will eat what you give him, I would just keep giving him food. We never used formal (breastfed) but I thought that you cut it out after 1 when they should be predominately getting their nutrition from solid foods. And the only purpose of baby cereal is that it can be digested before the digestive system is fully functional, so it's for that period of time before 6 months if you're interested in giving your child solids before then,
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  • Thanks!  Because my Dr hasn't given me much nutritional help, I've just been told to continue what I am doing...I've been continuing what I was doing since he was 6 months old!  He refused formula liquid after 11 months so I have been mixing it in powdered form with the cereal to make sure he gets enough nutrition in the right amounts.

    I only order off the kids menu when we are out to eat which isn't often.  At home he gets whatever it is we are eating.  I really don't think the cereal and puree is more than 20% of his actual intake.  The rest is table foods.  He loves fruits and veggies and will eat them over anything else.  Love meats.  I make sure even if its not something I would eat, I'm picky, that he gets it and I act like its good so my opinion doesn't influence his tastes.  When we are out, I ask for samples from everyone's plate for a chance to taste everything.  I've been offering table foods since he was 7 months and increasing the amounts as he gets older.

    I do realize eggs aren't a dairy.  Sorry, mommy moment putting them together.  Its just he doesn't like them in any form and they are such a good source for protein and vitamins.

    I have to be careful with cereals and grains as he can't eat oatmeal or too much whole wheat.  They cause a lot of GI problems.

    I appreciate the advice.  Will work on cutting back on the baby stuff even more!  Which my grocery bill will love. 


  • my LO is 14 months. The only things I help her eat are yogurt, apple sauce, cottage cheese...I fill the spoon or hand-over-hand show her how to scoop, she's great at getting food then to her mouth on the spoon.

    I give her what we eat just diced. I also give her sandwhich (1/4 at a time) and she's great at taking appropriate bites--obviously always supervise this and all eating.

    I also bake oatmeal/banana/peanut butter type bars she loves. She is allergic to straight eggs but gets protein through meat, peanut butter, and she loves beans. I offer milk (we do almond milk) at every meal, water the rest of the day.

    The only thing she struggles to eat are veggies--she takes after her mom, fruit all day long but not a fan veggies. I wont lie I top them with shredded cheese so she'll eat them. 
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    The only thing DD doesn't eat really is peanuts, hard uncooked vegetables, steak, and processed junk food or sweets. I made all her baby food so she's been eating table food for a long time. The only thing I feed her is her yogurt, or sometimes I'll help her along if she's dicking around. She eats everything with her hands mostly but will occasionally use the spoon, so I just keep it there for her to have.

    I think they are supposed to be off formula by one year. If you give them a wide variety they'll get enough nutrition. She eats eggs, French toast, a frozen bagel or cereal for breakfast., a hummus, egg salad, cheese, or turkey sandwich with steamed carrot sticks or sweet potatoes for lunch, chopped chicken, fish, beef or turkey meatloaf for dinner and avocados, hard boiled eggs, cheese and fruit, yogurt, or these cheesy squash bites I make and freeze for snacks. She likes almost anything; the only thing she doesn't seem to like is waffles. She's not nuts about peas or corn either but eats almost any other vegetable.

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