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stinging while going to the bathroom

I'm 5 weeks postpartum and still have stinging when I go to the bathroom. Not burning/stinging like a UTI but more like stinging like paper cuts in vaginal area and further back. I did get stitches with a 2nd degree tear. Is this too long to still be stinging every time? I'm debating whether or not to call midwife because my 6 week postpartum appt is next Friday.
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Re: stinging while going to the bathroom

  • I would call anyway.
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  • The same thing happened to me with my first and it turned out I had an infection. I had to do suppositories for a week to heal it. I would call!
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  • petey1106 said:

    I'd call just to be sure. Maybe your stitches haven't dissolved?

    This is what I was thinking.
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  • I experienced this up until about 5 weeks PP.
  • So update: I moved my 6 week PP visit up and turns out the area is a little irritated because a stitch hasn't healed yet. So there is a gap that is still open, causing the stinging. Thank goodness it's not infected and it looks fine. Just discomfort until it closes up. Phew, the things we go through to bring our babies into the world! :)
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