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Questions from IF...

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Hello ladies!! I have a few questions and hope you all wouldnt mind me buggin ya :)

First I will start with asking a questions for those of you that had success with an FET. this is our first FET after our first IVF failed and I was curious what you ladies may or may not have done differently during your FET? I plan not to drink alcohol but find I am still drinking my usual amt of caffeine...also wondering about exercise and what you did? Let me add lounging around is not my thing and im only on day 2 and going stir crazy and wld love to walk!

Also we only transferred 1 5bb blast because that was all that made it from our 2PNs and it has be paranoid that it isnt good enough quality and we only had 1. Any success with only transferring 1 or with quality similar? I know grading is all subjective.

For now that is all of my questions lol. Thanks so much!

Me 28 DH 30

After 4+ years TTC

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Re: Questions from IF...

  • My experience is probably a little different because we did Mini IVF, but my first FET was successful with a day 5 hatching blast. (I don't know what it was graded - they just said "very good quality") We only transferred one. I didn't do anything differently prior to ET, but after ET, I returned to normal activity immediately-no bed rest. I did eliminate caffeine and alcohol and took it a little easier in terms of not heavy lifting and no strenuous exercise. They also instructed me to not have sex between ET and beta (7dpt). Only other thing is that I started taking Estrodiol once a day and Progesterone supps 2x a day. 

    GL to you and hoping this one works!

    ** After  2 1/2 years of Unexplained IF, 2 failed medicated cycles, and 4 failed IUI's - our baby girl came to us through the miracle of Mini IVF! **

  • Our success came from our 1st FET, which was an opportunity that we were given finally with our 5th failed IVF cycle that finally got some frosties. Besides a total change in protocol from that last IVF cycle, I really didn't do anything different. To be honest, I was so numb about the whole process that it seemed silly to change up my lifestyle. I'm a semi healthy eater but major caffeine drinker and never gave that up until my BFP.


    Good luck hope this is it for you!

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    • Jack dx at 19w1d with Dandy Walker on 12/16/13
    • Severe Pre-e /HELLP set in Jack born sleeping at 20w1d on 12/23/13
    • FET #2 --July 2014  BFP!  ---  EDD  4/5/15

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  • I'm pregnant from an FET in August with a single 5-day embryo. I didn't do that much differently from my failed IVF (also single transfer) cycle. I think the only difference was that I completely cut out caffeine (i.e. not even decaf, which is all I had been drinking before anyway). I know I had a lot less going on in my life, since the first time we had just moved, were selling our house, had a major power failure the day of the transfer, etc. But I'm not sure how much difference that made, or if it is just basically that this one was genetically healthy and meant to make it. 
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  • My fresh IVF cycle was successful but was ectopic. For my FET, the only thing I did differently was be more active after ET. I didn't exercise between ET and beta but I also didn't just lie on the couch for 3 days straight like I did with the fresh cycle. I had no caffeine or alcohol but I don't normally drink caffeinated beverages anyway. I transferred a single 5bb blast and it worked for me! I really hope this is it for you!
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    December IUI cancelled due to cyst
    IUI #2: 1/8/13 BFN

    IVF in April 2013 transferred one beautiful blast on 4/13
    Beta #1 4/22: BFP!! 33 Beta #2 54 Beta #3 70 Beta #4 83 Beta #5 105. Possible ectopic, MTX and M/C 5w4d

    FET 6/21 - Beta #1: 79 BFP!! Beta #2: 253 U/S 7/12: saw the sac! U/S #2 7/19 great heartbeat of 127!! U/S #3 heartbeat of 154! U/S #4 graduated to OB

    EDD 3/9/14


  • I transferred one 5AA blast and it was an FET! My clinic says that the difference between an "A" and a "B" is negligible and that they do not see a difference in pregnancy rates between 5AA and 5BB! My doctor said walking and moving around is fine, just nothing too bouncy or aerobic where you get short of breath.

    Thinking of you! Good luck!!
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  • You are all giving me a lot of hope thank you. I have started cutting back on caffeine which is tough. Just didnt know really how extreme I should be with everything, since the fresh didnt work and i was very strict.

    Me 28 DH 30

    After 4+ years TTC

    FET #2 = DS Madden Jeffery <3 July 29, 2014 <3
  • I took it easy. I also cut out all caffeine, sugar, wheat, and dairy. My FET was one 5cc with AH that had passed CCS.
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  • I had to freeze-all so I never had a fresh transfer.  For FET #2, we added an endometrial scratch, ASA, omega 3, and vaginal estrace (in addition to IM delestrogen and PIO).   My lining actually made it to 7mm which was amazing for me.  I did the pineapple thing both times but really only because DH would make me these delicious smoothies that I looked forward to everyday.   I did bedrest for 2-3 days both times and stayed positive.  Each time, I transferred one embryo by choice.   The second FET was a hatched 6 day old embryo that looked great (can't remember grade but think it's in my signature).   GL!!!

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    Married June 2011 Dx: anovulatory due to prolactinoma (1.5cmx 1.5cm in 2006)
    April 2012: MRI- questionable cyst 8mg by 12mm in pituitary ; referred to RE by Ob-gyn after amenorrhea x 4+ months, provera ineffective, low estrogen level
    cycle 1: May 2012, clomid 50mg; cycle cancelled, thin lining, no response
    cycle 2: June 2012, femara 5mg; cycle cancelled, no response
    cycle 3: July 2012, femara 7.5mg; cycle cancelled (largest folli on Cd12 & cd 16: 11, lining 4)
    Repeat MRI July 25,2012- Cyst unchanged, likely old infarction.
    Aug. 8: met with RE, move to injectables if HSG and SA normal
    Aug. 23: HSG all clear; DH- perfect
    Switched to a new RE in early Sept. IVF here we come
    Genetic testing reveals: Fragile X- Intermediate risk/grey zone.
    IVF#1: ER 11/30: 14 retrieved, 10 mature, 7 fertilized. E2 prior to trigger 5200. Decision made to freeze 6 embryos and transfer later due to OHSS.
    IVF#1.2/FET #1: estrogen injects start 1/18, FET delayed to try to thicken lining. lining 5.4mm. FET- 2/18- transferred one 3AA expanded blast. BFP 5dp5dt. Beta #1- 2/27 9dp5dt- 102.27 beta #2 3/1: 147 :(, beta #3 3/4: 268 told to stop meds and let nature take its course. requested 4th beta (3/6); Beta hell for 2 months.

    FET # 2: endometrial scratch 5/6, added estrace vaginally and ASA to delestrogen and PIO. June 10- transferred one 4AA hatched embryo, BFP 4dp6dt, Beta 1 (9dp6dt) 187, Beta 2 (11dp6dt): 412; Beta 3 (15dp6dt ): 4452. U/S #1- one beautiful embryo with a heartbeat of 133 at 7 weeks.  8 weeks: heartbeat 156. EDD 2/26/2014: born 2-3-14 induced due to Pre-E and HELLP at 36w5d.

    12/1: met with RE to discuss trying for #2

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