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can't believe it's time to think about that already!!!! 
i'm already on a waitlist for one place and was added in July - i was 17th on the list for Sept 2014!! apparently i wasn't early enough. 

my question to you ladies is - have you had any experience with montessori? it looks and sounds like a fit for DS1. he's a very 'free spirited' young man and doesn't do very well with structure. From what i've read on montessori is that they allow more free time and learn through play, although it is still somewhat structured and kids have to be respectful. they also learn more life skills. 
my other question is whether i should continue letting him be a free spirit through preschool? what happens in kindergarten when it's time to sit in a desk?? i was going to call the montessori school here and ask them what they have found in that instance or whether they have issues with kids. i may also talk to a couple teachers i know and ask them. 

TIA! :)
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Re: preschool

  • We actually have DD in a Montessori program for 2-3 year olds (and they go up through Kindergarten).  She only goes three mornings a week so far.  After an adjustment period of about 2 weeks, our free spirited daughter is loving it and actually asking to go to preschool.  I think she does a whole lots of playing outside, though she says she also does singing and some puzzles. :)  Our school says that the kids do pretty well adjusting to 1st grade after graduation, though in our school district there are some pretty awesome magnet and charter public schools (including a Waldorf and two dual language immersions and two IB schools).  

    We had to get her on the waitlist for this school when she was six months old and I am very happy that we did.  

    Definitely call the school and ask how kids do once they transition out.  They will know and be able to give you good feedback and suggestions.
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  • I am coming at this from a slightly different perspective.  I worked for a summer as a teaching assistant at a Montessori school.  I love the program for many of life skills that they teach, and I find myself utilizing some of the techniques that I learned working there, when talking to Chase.  The Montessori school that I worked at did have structured learning time as well, though they were for short periods.  For example, they would have circle time where the kids would sit down and sing songs together.  If the program that you are looking at offers these, it could be a great way to transition your son into the structure of Kindergarten, without it being an abrupt change.
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  • Jack will also be attending Montessori preschool this upcoming fall.

    I attended Montessori preschool when I was a little girl and I absolutely loved it and I credit it to my love of learning. I actually still remember quite a few Spanish words that they taught me and I have never taken a Spanish class outside of Montessori school (I took French for years).

    I had no trouble transitioning to regular Kindergarten and neither did my younger brothers who also attended Montessori preschool.

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  • Thanks for all your input! 

    we're considering it - it's the cost that's the biggest thing i think. 
    i'm also afraid of how he'll do once he goes to kindergarten or grade 1 if we keep him in kindergarten as well. 

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  • I went to Montessori, and had no issue transitioning to school. I loved it. My boys would be going, but there isn't one locally. My dcp started preschool with DS1 last month. You might want to check out The Kavanaugh Report. Nicole is a (former?) Bumpy who blogs about doing Montessori type activities with her March 11 son. Very inspiring and helpful.

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  • How much is Montessori tuition? We're considering pre-school but probably wouldn't start her until she is 4. Not sure if we'll do the public pre-school option through our school district or something more like Goddard or Montessori.
    Our sweet girl is 3!

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