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going to parenting/childbirth classes alone

any ladies here have done this?  if so, how was you experience? i want to attend some of the classes but i don't want to be the only single person there.  
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Re: going to parenting/childbirth classes alone

  • I didn't take any birthing classes,so I can't really advise you there. I have seen other ladies on here mention having their mother/sister/BFF (whoever is going to be in the delivery room) go to those classes with them. I'd say just ask someone you feel comfortable relying on for support while you're in labor.
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  • @monkeybird84, thanks for responding.  i've been seeing your siggy and i just want to pick up your son and hug all on him!  he is soooo cute!
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  • In doing my birth class with a friend who will be acting as my birth coach. There is one other single girl there with her mom. Everyone else appears to be a married couple.

  • I went with my mom and was the only one not married. I felt a little bad but I was glad my mom was there. I wouldn't go all alone. Bring a friend or family member with you.
  • My mom is going with me. Take someone you're close to.
  • I went with my sister who will be my birth coach. There was one other single gal there and out of the 7 preggers, 2 couples were married and there was even one bf/gf couple where the bf wasn't the father. My sister wasn't able to attend the second day so i went alone. It wasn't all bad, there were just some relaxing techniques I need to teach my sister so she can help me when I go into labor. Much of the info was not new to me as I have a degree in Early Childhood Education which does involve some development aspects, but there was still a lot of new info. It was a great class and even though I had to attend one alone, I am so glad I went.
  • I went with my mom, she said it was a blast (I'm not really sure why, hahaha).  If I didn't have anyone to bring with me, I probably would not have gone. Everyone in that group was married except me and while I was pregnant, people thought I was a teenager, so that made me not even want to go with my mom, LOL.  I hope you find a good companion! 
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  • I went to the classes alone. It wasn't so bad. There were other moms there without someone with them. Nobody asked "are you single?" or "where's your baby daddy"  lol 
    I just assumed that their husband or baby daddy couldn't make it that day... 
    and I'm guessing they assumed the same thing about me 
  • Take a family member or friend, whoever will be in there with you. Personally I did not take any birthing classes so I don't know anything about them or what to tell you.
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  • i was planning to go alone to my childbirth class but i asked a friend to go with me. i'm going to a parenting class alone. you might be the only single person there but honestly you'll probably never see those people again. you'll feel better going into labor prepared
  • yea im going to go. my friend just moved back so im sure she would love to go to some with me. she already says that this is "our" baby lol!
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  • I didn't attend any birthing classes but I did do some parenting classes and general educational classes about pregnancy, breast feeding etc. I was still with my husband at the time, but he was not involved with the pregnancy so I went to all of the classes on my own.


  • I wasn't going to do any classes because I'm alone and bc they are all too expensive. I lucked out in my search for a doula, one told me the doula she works for was having a trial class for free to prep for her paid classes. I've been able to jump in on these and we are all "alone." Everyone has a spouse or partner but they don't attend the classes with them, so it's been really nice for me. Looks like you're going to bring a friend with you, but if for some reason she can't make it one week...I'd still go. Like another poster said, people will just assume your spouse/BD is on a work trip or at home with the other kids or whatever.

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  • I went alone, I will be giving birth alone. When I get ask I make clear that this is by choice and that this is how it is going to be. Planing often doesn't make much sense anyways as things will happen when they will. 
    Class was fine. I was the only one without a partner but that didn't make any difference. Once a second person was needed and the teacher just demonstrated on me. Obviously that will not happen in labor.
    Do the class just to get your information and ask the questions you need to ask. Nobody will look at you weirdly. Everyone is focused on themselves. 
  • I have! I went to all my classes and tours alone. It happened in most cases that I wasn't the only single momma (sometimes because there were other actual single moms and sometimes because the partnered moms came solo). Everyone was super, extra supportive. If there were any paired activities, the instructor would ask if it was something I wanted to do alone or wanted to do with a birthing buddy. If I wanted to do it alone, they'd modify it so I could. If I wanted to do it with a birthing buddy, either the instructor would act as my partner or I'd pair up with one of the other singles.
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