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??Solids at 4 mo??

I'm a first-timer, so as you can imagine I've read just about every book I can get my hands on.  Everything says to wait until 6 mo to introduce cereals.  Both the WIC office and my pedi says to start with protein, ok, no biggie, but my pedi says to start solids at 4 mo.  LO isn't acting like she's not getting enough, she's gaining well, and is overall a happy baby.  Anyone else's pedi saying to start protein at 4 mos???  Or is mine just nutty?

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  • The new guidelines are starting between 4-6 months, from AAP. It's more about starting solids when the baby shows ready signs, like able to support themselves sitting and the tongue reflex is gone. And also to start on a protein. I took a class with a nutritionist at the hospital- it was amazing what they recommend now vs 4 years ago when I had my first born.
  • My pedi said 4 months. I started cereal occasionally at 4.5. Now at 5 months she is eating fruits and veggies.

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  • Her only sign that she *might* want solids is that she wants to eat when we're eating.  (I've gotten really good at eating one handed!)  I think that's mostly because she wants to be doing what we're doing.  Other than that, she's not sitting up without support, and (don't laugh...) I don't know how to check for tongue thrust.  eep.  We both love BFing, tho, so I'm not at all concerned about keeping it up for as long as she wants.
  • We started at 4.5 months and had mixed results, he liked oatmeal but got a rash, he was just OK/tolerated avocado.  At 5 months we started trying other foods like banana first (did not love) and then sweet potato for 2 weeks, which he likes.  The past week has been carrots which he loooves, and this morning he did well with sweet peas too.

    As long as baby is not thrusting and gagging, and you are OK doing it slowly, go for it.  At 4.5 months we were only trying solids 2-3 times per week, not rushing anything.
  • I started my son at 4 months with oatmeal and at 5 months with sweet potato, avocados, bananas. I followed a chart on the WWW.wholesomebabyfoods.com and had great success with making his food. I plan on using that chart with DD. DD is 4 months and her Dr gave us the go with whatever we felt she was ready for so I started oatmeal just to practice. She can sit in her bumbo really well and loves her oatmeal!
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    I think many peds recommend waiting until 6 months now, and this is our plan. Follow your gut. If breastfeeding is going well, baby is healthy and happy, and you feel good about the way things are going, no need to start yet. If you really feel like your baby is ready, you can start. It's really a personal decision! We will wait until 6 months as per the recommendation of our pediatrician.


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  • @jlpev - the website doesn't pull up anything. I'm interested in what it has to say since we are Newbies to the food thing too.

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