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Temporarily holding up the TTC train

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I've been going back and forth about TTC and my weight. I am very plus size and I need to get healthy. I have been trying for about a year now, to diet and exercise. I lose some of the weight initially but it creeps back on after a few months because I get lazy or bored. I feel like this extra weight is causing my irregular cycles.

So yesterday I decided that I won't take any more clomid or do the OPK's or check my CM or time my BDing. I'm going to eat healthy foods and get on the treadmill. The focus will be on my health and not TTC. DH is on board, he always supports me. In January, if I've dropped some weight, we'll start again...if we don't get our BFP sooner than that. I am going to do the testing, BW, HSG & SA as soon as the doctor allows. Just to get that all out of the way.

Oddly enough after obsessively POAS for the OPK's, it felt good not to have to do it today. I still want to check in I'll be around. And if anyone else is in my same boat, please say so! Let's support each other!
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Re: Temporarily holding up the TTC train

  • Actually that may really help regulate your cycles again.  Healthy exercising can certainly boost your overall health system.  It did me wonders when I was TTC  during the Spring of 2012.  I began going to the gym just 3 months before I conceived and it totally helped me ease my mind with all the stress of monitoring my ovulation cycles.  I generally have 32-35 day cycles so that was really stressing me out at the time because i would have the longest wait for that window of fertility.  However after incorporating a exercise plan, it made things a lot better.  I lost a good 10 pounds and than i saw my BFP  Good Luck!!!    
  • Good for you!  Getting healthy may be the trick!  Also please don't do Clomid without getting an HSG or SA first.... there is no point in wasting your 6 lifetime cycles if your tubes are blocked or you have other issues. 

    Good luck!
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