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Entertaining a 1 Month Old

Does anyone have suggestions on how to entertain a 1 month old?  DS is great at sleeping at night now, but is awake most of the day except for a cuople naps and bores easily (at which point he is very vocal).  DH is working crazy hours and we have no family nearby so I'm with DS by myself almost all the time.  So far today I have danced with him, sat him in the bouncer in the kitchen while I ate and did some housework (he likes looking around the kitchen), walked him around the house talking to him, had him on 2 different playmats, had him in his crib so he could look at the mobile, took him on a walk, and read to him.  He's back on playmat #1 now but he gets bored pretty easily and then he screams till I do something else.  Any other ideas? 

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  • Well at 1 month he shouldn't up most of the day. His screams and vocalizations probably mean he is overtired. His awake time should probably be no more than an hour at a time. Check out troublesometots.com for more info about the importance of daytime naps. It's a great reference!
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  • Ditto @CBiggs85  At that age they should really only be up for about an hour and a half at a time before going back down for a nap.  That said, there's not much you can do to entertain a 1 month old.  Their whole world is new and entertaining to them so go for walks while the weather is nice, read to him if you want but it's not like you can really play with toys or anything.
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  • I agree about the naps. DD will occasionally stay up for 5-6 hours stretches and it's the worst. She has to take naps or nothing makes her happy (because she's tired and can't figure that out). You're keeping him stimulated, so he's staying awake. 

    The carrier always works from my DD. Strap her in, walk around the house, walk outside, sway side to side, and within 10 minutes, she's fast asleep and I can put her down.

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  • Maybe my original post wasn't thorough enough regarding his sleep.  He's getting 12-14 hours of sleep a day, which is on target for what a 5 week old should get.  That still leaves 10-12 hours a day that I'm trying to fill.  But I guess there's not much to be done about it.  Thank you.
  • http://www.parents.com/baby/sleep/basics/age-by-age-guide/ aim for 16-18 hours of sleep... Then you figure at least 4hrs of feeding and time soothing to sleep, that doesn't leave much free time at 5 weeks... However when they do want interaction, their favorite thing is you..sing/ talk, walk around..
  • Yeah I agree with above, my 2 1/2 yr old gets 12-14 hrs. My newborn sleeps tons more than that. Babywearing is a great suggestion. He can be on your level then take a nap when he's tired.
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    I agree about more sleep. DD is 6 weeks. She loves to be wore. She will look around and seems to enjoy "helping" around the house.

    Isn't much you can really do at this age.



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