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Is this jessntim3??

Sorry had to bring this over.
Love, Feb13:)

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Re: Is this jessntim3??

  • FFS! It might as well be; furthermore if it's not...humanity has lost more faith points! 

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  • FFS
    Rainbow Baby born 12/14/13

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  • FFS. There are no words.
  • Haha it has to be her that much stupid can't just live here
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  • Now that I actually read it, holy sh***, how can someone possibly be this stupid??? HOW?

  • Is this in my real life or am I dreaming that I'm reading this on TB right now?!
  • OMG!!  Crazy.



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  • WTF...who is this stupid?
  • Haha omg... I once saw a post similar to this with a lady wondering if she was pregnant with her own baby or the woman her husband cheated on her with's baby...
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