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Another Newb to the Bump

Hello, bumpers?  bumpies? Do you guys have a silly moniker you go by? I'm a long ago (back in 06-07) DW knottie, started to TTC 4 months ago.   DH and I will be celebrating our 6 yr anniversary in October.

On month 3 of TTC DH & I got hit by a car while on vacation for his brothers wedding. I was cleared in the ER and fine, but DH has a skull fracture and TBI and spent 1 1/2 weeks in the hospital.  He is doing remarkable though, and is still very much the same Christopher I married, but even more loving and appreciative :P

I had a BFP 8 days after the accident that didn't take...I know it happens al the time and it's these darn super sensitive pregnancy tests these days, but I can only imagine the stress of the while situation contributed to the failed implantation.  Preservation of self and all.

He is more eager for a baby now than ever (guess getting hit by a care will do that!), and he's gotten permission from all his doctors that he's fine to get back on baby making, we're back to it.

I haven't really talked about all this stuff, but I figured no one I know IRL will see this here, and it's nice to get it out.  I suppose that's why these boards exist, so you can talk baby without driving all your friends and family mad!

Thanks for reading!


- Married October 27, 2007 - TTC since June 2013 -

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