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4 yr vaccines...(for the pro vaccine crowd)

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Curious if anyone split the 4-6 yr old vaccines? I am very pro vaccine but since my kids will also be getting the flu mist and are both getting over recent relatively serious respiratory illnesses (to clarify, he has been well over a month and she about two weeks or so), I am wondering about asking re splitting these vaccines since they have a two yr window... Seems like quite an assault on the immune system to get five vaccines at once if it doesn't have to be timed right now...but at the same time, getting it over with so they dont have to go through shots twice factor is something to consider...wdyt? Not really looking for anti vaccine commentary, just how you or maybe your pedi practice schedules this particular group.

Re: 4 yr vaccines...(for the pro vaccine crowd)

  • I have always spread them out as much as possible. I usually do one at a time, with the exception of DTap which is three combined into one. I will say that it has been difficult to find a doctor who will let me do that. The most recent one that I left had me coming back every month, but each time I came back DD was sick (it was her first year in daycare, so she pretty much had a constant cold), so I had to come back every month just to get him to sign the stupid paper for daycare. It was ridiculous. 

    My pedi now is great and just gives me a year to come in and do them whenever I want. 

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  • Thanks all... my kids won't start K until they have just turned 6 (like the week before) so we'll be good there... I called & talked to the nurse and she said that they'd split them but that knowing our kids & their recent anxiety at the dr (they never hated going until recently when both got really sick) we may want to consider not causing them the additional distress of the 2 visits & injections... I'm going to get the flumist next week and then decide how to deal w/ the others.
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