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I got postpartum depression with my first pregnancy. When my son was 2 weeks old, I went to my OB because I knew something was wrong. They consider it to be a moderate case of PPD. I was put on prozac, and after a few weeks I felt much better. He's 3 years old now, but my depression never went away. I was taking prozac still until the day I found out I was expecting this baby. I stopped because I saw what it could do to the baby, and I couldn't take that risk. I feel okay, and whenever I feel overwhelmed, I just try to relax or remove myself from the situation. I truly think that once this pregnancy is over, I'll have to go back on prozac. I would prefer not to since I'm wanting to BF, but I'm almost positive that the depression will rear it's ugly head. Anybody else dealt with anything similar?
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Andrew Karol-4/10/2010
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  • I'm not on meds, nor pregnant again, but I do envy your coping skills! I know that counseling and making sure I eat enough are helping me.
    Can you find a therapist or support group to go to?
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