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Hungry in the middle of the night?

My 17 month old  (normally a great sleeper) just started waking up around 1am hungry.  He uses the "more sign" and has just started saying "bot" for I know that's what he's asking (ok, screaming) for.   I give him 6 oz of formula (he hates milk and refuses any kind we've tried)...then he screams some more and I give him 4 more oz.

Maybe it's because we weaned from the final evening nursing two weeks ago...though we was only getting 2-3 ounces from that and now he takes an 8 oz bottle before bed, so that shouldn't have caused hunger.

What do you do with a hungry child in the middle of the night, if they are already eating big dinners an hour before bed?   Are they getting a little old for formula, or is this no big deal to give them that? 

I have no idea what to do with this one...if it's no big deal, I can get up for a while...but I don't want to start a regression if he doesn't really "need" more food at 1am.

Thanks for your ideas!
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Re: Hungry in the middle of the night?

  • Is he eating well during the day? We give dd a snack about 30 minutes before bed and she drinks maybe 2 oz. of wcm and is fine till breakfast is ready the next morning. Our pediatrician said no formula after one. Could it be that he is just use to getting a bottle during the night, like its his routine but he's really not hungry?
  • DD was having trouble waking up in the middle of the night. I mean she's still nursing so it's pretty normal, but my Pedi recommended I try giving her a snack right before bed as part of our routine. It works really well and cut back on her waking up. We've done avocados, peanut butter on apples, or sometimes she just wants more of what she had for dinner. 
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  • Try a snack a half hour or hour before bed. We did this when coming off formula. We'd make her a scrambled egg to snack on.
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