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Intro and call for help regarding induction.

Hi Ladies,

I've been lurking for quite sometime. I was due Sept 20th and I'm scheduled for an induction this Sunday night (41wks,2days). I am so looking forward to being a mom and joining you on this board. After three previous pregnancy losses, I am just praying I can bring my little man into the world safely.

So I ask- can you share your induction stories? I am just looking to know what to expect, good or bad. Also, I'll take any advice you have to offer.



Re: Intro and call for help regarding induction.

  • I've been induced twice, both positive experiences, but looooong. But I was induced at 38w6d due to insulin dependent GD, so being that you are farther than that your body may be more ready to go than mine was.

    With DD1, the induction took 56 hours, I was in labor for 38 hours. Needed two rounds of cervical ripener, plus pitocin. It was a slow process, but in the end I delivered vaginally and DD1 and I were both healthy and had no complications.

    With DD2, the induction took 23 hours, I was in labor for 22 hours. The cervical ripener was enough to get labor started, but I did need to be augmented with pitocin. Things moved faster, I was in intense labor almost as soon as contractions started, and my epidural failed. But another vaginal delivery, and fast, pushed less than 5 minutes. No complications, healthy mom and baby.
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  • My due date was September 5th and I was induced September 6th. I originally did not want to be induced but the doctor was worried about baby getting too big (I had gestational diabetes) and since I'm not a very big girl he was worried about baby not fitting through the birth canal if he got to big. Since he was gaining weight fast I opted to get induced at 40 weeks just to be safe.

    So here is my timeline:

    7am: Admitted. Checked and I was 2cm dialated and completely thinned out. This was another reason why I got induced. They say if you are at least progressed a good amount that induction is a bit easier.

    8am: Pitocin started on a very low dose. I didn't eat beforehand so my midwife wanted me to eat a small meal before uping the dose.

    8am-2pm: Labored with no pain. Light contractions but not painful.

    2pm: Midwife broke my water and contraction started strong and painful right away.

    2pm-4pm: Active labor. Severe pain. Asked for epidural. Checked and I was barely at 5cm.

    4pm: Epidural was given. Sweet relief.

    4pm-5pm: I was able to nap a bit once I had the epidural.

    5pm: Nurse went to check my catheder and realized I had my bloody show so she checked me and said I was at 9cm! I went from 5cm to 9cm in one hour! She called my doctor and I started pushing.

    5pm-7pm: Pushing. This was the hardest part since I couldn't feel anything. I could feel lots of pressure though.

    7:08pm: Alec was born! He was 7lbs 4oz and 19 inches long.

    All in all the induction was not as bad as I thought it would be. Since I'm a FTM I can't say if being induced makes the labor more difficult but I'm going to say yes. The contractions came on so hard and painful once my water was broken. Some advice is to have a small meal before you head to the hospital. I had scrambled eggs and toast. Light meal but enough to coat your stomach. I had such bad heartburn while pushing so it was really uncomfortable. Just try to relax and as hard as it will be try to enjoy yourself! It went by so fast for me and it kind of makes me sad.

    Good luck!
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  • My induction was not that bad and. Was not that far along when they started everything. I was induced at 40 weeks. Went in on Sunday night and they inserted the cervidil at 10. I was about 50% effaced and a fingertip dilated. They took it out the following day at 10 and I was fully effaced and 2 cm. the pitocin was started around 11:30 and I got my epi shortly after. Around 4 my water broke on its own and they turned my epi off around 5:30. They turned it off so I could push better. A little before 8, the contractions were coming about a minute apart and I started pushing. My son was born at 8:24 weighing 8lbs 5oz. Overall, it was not a bad experience, even with no epidural at the end!
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  • I was induced at 41 weeks when I started showing signs of pre-e.  I was warned about what a long and painful process it was going to be, but I actually had a really great experience.  I was given misoprostol at 10pm and started having contractions on my own (without pitosin) around midnight.  By 2am my contractions were 3 minutes apart and I was 4cm dilated.  At 4am, I had my epidural (best thing that ever happened to me at the time!), which allowed me to sleep for a few hours.  I was fully dilated by 10am, and DS was born at 10:30am!

    Obviously, everyone's experience is different, but not every induction is a horrible experience!
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  • I was induced at 40w 3 days. My OB doesn't let her patients go past 41 weeks and after a borderline NST we decided to go for the induction. I was scared to death of it but it didn't end up being that awful. It did result in a beautiful, healthy baby so it was all worth it :)

    I'll give you the short version.

    We checked in around 7am and by 8am the nurses already had orders from my doctor to have the OB resident insert a foley bulb to get my cervix to dilate. The foley bulb inflates gradually and will fall out on it's own once you've reached 4cm.

    The foley bulb insertion was painless even though they said it would be crampy. I had no issue with it. Once that was done with, they started the Pitocin. The combination of the two made my stomach revolt. I spent the next hour in the bathroom with the worst diarrhea cramps of my life. But it ended up being a good thing ..TMI but it cleaned me out. No pooping during labor for me ;-)

    By 10am, the contractions were getting painful. The hard thing about the foley bulb and the Pit is that there's really no pattern to the contractions so what you get are contractions that don't let up. I was already asking for the epidural at that point but they don't really want you to get it until your labor is in a good pattern. So..they gave me some medicine that took the edge off. Good stuff and I was able to hold out until the foley bulb fell out at 4cm.

    That was probably around...2pm maybe? At that point I was able to get the epidural which was the BEST thing of my life. Contractions were in a good strong pattern at that point. With the epi, I was comfortable for a few hours but by around 6pm my doctor determined the baby was sunny side up so we needed to turn him.

    She put me in this horribly contorted position. I had to lay on my left side and scrunch up in a fetal type position. Once they put me in that position I felt major pressure/pain that the epidural did not alleviate oddly. The worst part of that was I had to stay like that for hours. And my baby's HR would decel if I laid on my right it was a long haul in that position.

    After a few hours of that and a few redoses of the epidural, it was pretty obvious that my epidural was proving to be ineffective. Luckily, I kept making progress but I was in total misery. By 8pm I spiked a fever which made me feel even worse. They put the oxygen on since baby was showing a little bit of distress.

    By 10pm it was time to push. That horrible pressure feeling I'd been having went into overdrive and you just can't help but push. I practiced pushing with the nurses for 30 minutes. My doctor arrived and 10:30 and my son was delivered at 11pm.  Luckily that contorted position she put me in worked in turning him.

    My labor was 16 hours and successful. While extremely painful, and despite being convinced we were one and done after that -I've already forgotten the pain. It took about a week LOL. But it's true what they say, you do forget. Thankfully.

    Also, they found that my son's cord was being compressed so it was a blessing that we chose to induce otherwise we might not have had such a happy ending. Good luck to you on Sunday!

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  • I was schedule to go in to the hospital at 6pm on Wednesday, but when I called to confirm an hour before, they told me they didn't have any beds and I had to wait. I called back at 8pm, still no beds. They finally told me I could go in at 10pm. By 10:30, they had placed the Cervadil and told me to get some sleep. The doctor came to check me around 7 and said I hadn't dilated at all on the Cervadil. She said they would leave it in for a few more hours, then take it out and let me eat lunch. I ate lunch that afternoon and they started pitocin and inserted a foley balloon around 1pm Thursday. That stayed in until Friday morning (maybe 10ish?). When it finally fell out, the doctor said she wanted to break my water to try to speed things up. I was terrified that since I wasn't dilating at all on my own that they'd break my water and I'd end up with a C-section. But once they broke my water (I was still on pitocin), the contractions got really intense and I asked for an epidural. DD was born at 9:44pm that night. So the whole induction took 47 hours: 2 hours of pushing at the end, 20 minutes of pain between water breaking and the epi, and the rest was watching TV and sleeping. 

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  • I was induced 9/3/13, because my water broke on the evening of the 2nd but I wasn't in labor. Here's my timeline:

    9/2/13, 10:30pm water breaks in bed.
    12am ish 9/3 admitted to hospital. 1cm (barely) dilated, not effaced at all. They have me walk for hour to see of that will get things going - it didn't.

    3am pitocin in. I was able to sleep a bit, thankfully. And have chips and sips.

    6:30 full on labor. All in my back. My OB checks me at 7 and I'm only 2cm but 80% effaced.

    8:30 epi in (I held out as long as I could).

    9 am epi bolused b/c only working on one side. This worked and I got some more sleep

    11am epi wore off on my right again. Bolused again but didn't work.

    11:45 I'm at 9.5 cm fully effaced and the head is low. Nurse tells me we can either re position the epi, or have a baby. We decide to have a baby.

    12pm start pushing (actually had to stop for a bit b/c my OB wasn't there). Four - five contractions later, Andrew Louis was born at 12:46pm.

    I was lucky thy things moved quickly, good luck to you and your LO!!
  • I'm a nurse at the hospital I was going to deliver and I kept having contractions so they sent me upstairs to monitor me on Friday. They watched me a few hours, I was at 2 cm and not progressing so they let me go home but said no more work. The OBGYN that saw me said he could schedule me an induction but I was scared and decided to wait and think about it! Sunday night I felt like I was dying! I couldn't slept a wink and made my DH promise that he would take me to my OBGYN first thing. Instead he convinced me to go to the hospital! When they checked me I was still only 2cm but when my OB got there I said I was ready so we started! They started the pit around 9ish. Sometime in there I got my epidural! He checked me around 11 and I was 4cm and he said he was going to clinic at 1 and would back after that to deliver me. He came back in right before leaving for clinic and I was 9cm! He told me to hurry and get whoever I wanted in the room that he wasn't leaving! They set the room as fast as they could and baby girl was born at 1:21!
  • I was supposed to be induced at 36 and 6 but it was rescheduled but the next morning my water broke and I was induced hours later.i ended up having to get and epidural because I progressed way to fast and by the time I got it I was already pushing so it didn't have time to kick in fully.induction does make it more painful but in our case we had to for medical was fine tho.not as horrible as ppl always tell u
  • Congrats! Such an exciting time! I had a great experience being induced. My water broke on its own on a Sunday AM but was not in active labor. I went to the hospital to confirm if was my water broken ( I thought I was peeing myself ) and made an appt to go back the next morning. While I went into active labor on my own that night they still put me on pitocin because my water had been broken almost 24 hrs. Admitted at 7:30 am delivered at 4:45. It was an amazing experience! Congrats again!! And sleep as much as you can now!!!!!!!

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  • I was induced with my daughter, first baby - my experience was pleasant. The cervadil was effective in softening my cervix and the pitocin didn't bother me like I expected it would (everyone says it makes things harder, that was not my experience). My water broke on its own, so I was happy they didn't need to break it.
    My due date was 9/20 as well, we are due date buddies!
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  • I had a great induction experience! I went in at 5pm, got started on cervidal. By 5 am, it had done nothing. Got pitocin, dr broke my water around 11, had baby by 2.
  • I was induced for this pregnancy.  Not going to lie, an induction labor (w/ pitocin) was harder than a natural one for me.  The contractions are intense, but the one huge upside is that I felt more a part of this l&d.  Delivery was amazing. 
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