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Xpost: Poop help?

DD is 18 months and has been using her potty sporadically since 6 months. In the last few weeks we decided she was ready to start PT.
We did the 3 day method and it was super easy. She doesn't wear pants at home anymore and always uses the potty to pee with no accidents.
But poop! Poop is a different story. She will stop wherever she is and poop and the floor and then point at it and say "uh oh". I am trying to stop her and move her to the potty, but she is always done by the time I get to her.
Any tips on making the poop goes in the potty connection?

Re: Xpost: Poop help?

  • Well i have never heard of a six month old using a potty, so i don't know how to address this. But...if your kid is pooping on the floor, I would suggest she isn't ready yet, and put a diaper on her. I'll be darned if anyone poops on my floor. We are working on potty training with our 22 month old, but its not smart to rush it.
  • 6 months?! wow! DD is 14 months and hasn't shown any interest yet.

    Maybe use a pull up during the day- she can still use the potty to pee and if/when she does poop it goes in there and not on the floor or in her underwear.
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  • Maybe you would have more luck getting some responses on the AP board. There might be some Elimination Communication parents with ideas. 
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