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I posted on another board (New Jersey Babies) to help find some doctors in my area. Not one person replied... No helpers at all. Kind of hurt. I only feel welcomed here. If anyone in the North Jersey Area/ Sussex county area knows of a high risk OB/GYN in the area, please let me know. I'm looking for a new doctor to start my journey at TTCAL. Thanks ladies!

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    A lot of times, those local boards aren't very active.  Since you're getting ready to TTCAL you could always ask on TTCAL.  Give a short intro, explain why you're asking (say you're preparing to TTCAL) and ask your question/questions.  That board is very active and I would guess there's at least a few people from your area that would be able to help


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  • I agree, the local boards are not very active. It took about a week to get responses back the few times I have used it. TTCAL is a good suggestion.
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  • I have found my local board on the nest to be pretty active and gotten some helpful info regarding Drs. over there. Good luck to you.
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  • If you are considering TTCAL, you should definitely check out that board.  Be sure to read the sticky post at the top and check out their blog.  Then post an intro like fluttergirl suggested.  I am also from NJ, but live in the lower half.  Wishing you lots of luck!
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