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know anything about stray cats?

I'm trying to talk myself out of this, but we have a stray kitty bound and determined to adopt us.  My husband found a cat in our yard that looked really skinny.  He gave it food, and it downed 2 bowls.  He/she was of course back today.  It's very friendly, rubbing up against you.  We have both picked it up and it's purring.  It seems to want to come inside as it stands at our door.  He/she seems healthy except for being too skinny.  I think it's young, but not a kitten (not pregnant by the looks of it).  My husband has been doing yard work and the cat has been around him all day.  We live in the country in an old farmhouse.

We have 2 older cats now.  We aren't really looking for a new cat.  The cats are 8 and 11.   The 11 year old cat's health is fading, so I'm not sure if this could be too big of a stress.  He may know the stray already as he sometimes goes out.  (when he's not supposed to).  We also have a husky, but she's great with the cats.  Lots to think about.  It seems like a great little cat.  We talked about taking it to the humane society, but I don't know if that's the best option.  Anyone know anything about taking in a stray or what we can do for the cat?   

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  • We're both softies.  It was hard seeing the cat so hungry.  Sigh...  He would let us crate him and take him to the humane society if we really just can't take him in... 
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  • The way it acts it almost seems like it was someone's cat at one point.  Definitely used to people.  We could check if anyone is missing their cat...
  • You don't need to take him in if you're willing to keep him.  

    Have you taken him anywhere to see if he's microchipped?



    Unable to even.  


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  • You don't need to take him in if you're willing to keep him.  

    Have you taken him anywhere to see if he's microchipped?
    that's a good idea...
  • I'd take kitty to the vet to be checked for FIV and other things that could make your kitties sick, and to get a rabies shot and see if she's knocked up.

    Then I'd bring new kitty home. You may not be looking for a cat, but it doesn't sound like you're opposed and it seems kitty has adopted you. Congrats!

    Get some feliway and read some articles about introducing cats. I bet older kitty does fine.

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