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I have been using clomid for 4 cycles now. just started my period today, so im getting very discouraged. my doc told me that i am ovulating and my level is very high. i use ovulation tests , and i don't understand why it's not happening. I know there could be other reasons, but i can't afford much more than this. so after the next two months if we don't get a baby to happen, we will be calling it that god just doesn't want us to have another one. i will stay off birth control for a few more months after that but only until im 37 June 2014. Any one know people who it took 5 or 6 months on clomid, so i can feel better. maybe next month we will do it.
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Re: clomid?

  • My best friend took clomid for about 5 to 6 months. Then decided to just stop. For religious reasons she wasn't comfortable trying any other procedure. Two months later she got pregnant and her son turns a yr old in a couple of weeks.

    I remember crying with her when she made to decision to stop but she said she just couldn't handle it anymore. It does happen and I will you best of luck in what ever decision you make.

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  • Clomid doesn't work for everyone... 6 cycles is your lifetime max. If you ovulate on your own then all it does is produce a"stronger ovulation" and perhaps release more eggs.  Since you already have children you might want to ask the ladies over on secondary IF ( I am not suggesting you have IF) for some ideas on where to go next.  I would think asking for a full hormone panel (Day 3 testing and especially a thyroid panel,  etc...) to see if something might just be a bit off.  It might be an easy fix.

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  • thanks everyone for the great advice and encouragement. i might not be able afford anything else. so maybe if not these next two months don't work, maybe doing it without the pressure will be our time for our last baby. if not good is telling us no more for a reason.
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  • I have mixed feelings about Clomid too or as I like to call it my "new vitamin". :) I so want to let things happen if they are going to happen, but I'm 42 now and I feel like my trying window is small. Although I am very healthy and my ovarian reserve is excellent. Cut to today, 4 days late for AF and a BFN. I spotted last week with cramps, so perhaps that was AF. BUT it throws off my first round of the "new vitamin". I am calling my doctor this morning to see what to do now. It's funny how you'd think you'd REALLY know your body by NOW.. now I'm confused. Good-luck to all you lovely ladies.. as they say BABY DUST to you all! (I love that saying.) Comments are welcome of course, thanks.
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