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Insomnia cures? for LO

DS has always been an awful sleeper but it has become really bad lately. A part of it I'm sure is his stress level - he just started nursery school. He already has a quiet bedtime routine. I don't think it's fear (besides the school related stuff). Just can't relax and fall asleep. And when he does, he's up within two hours and it takes in a long while to go back down again - awake long enough to come to our bed.

Last night, he fell asleep at midnight, was up at 2:30am, fell back asleep at 3p, woke up at 6am and asleep at 6:30 until 7:45 when I just got him up because he has to get ready for nursery school. So, none of us got much sleep at all.

I am just looking for ideas to help him get the rest he needs.
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Re: Insomnia cures? for LO

  • Have you let him cio? I had to do that to DS at some point. Each night he cried less and eventually didn't wake up in the middle of the night.
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  • Has he been this way his whole life? My son has been, finally when he was 2 the dr. Listened to us and referred us to a sleep specialist. It turns out he really is an insomniac and he has an iron deficiency. He takes sleep medication to sleep and he still can't sleep more than 2 hours. We just taught him when he wakes up he crawls in our bed and not wake anyone up. He's learned to just lay in bed with us when he can't sleep, I hate to form that habit but its the only way any of us sleep. Good luck!
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  • DD had a really hard time falling asleep around age 3. The pedi OK'd melatonin just to get her back into a sleep routine. Once she got back into a normal routine we were able to stop.
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  • My friends give their kids melatonin right before bed, just .5-1 mg. I'm thinking about trying it when we go on vacation, when my oldest wakes up multiple times per night.
  • Thanks everyone.
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