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Postpartum Depression

goodbye TB

the thing i hate most about PPD is that no one ever understands you or what you're going through EVER. it has made me think different as as much as i try to go back to my normal self i know i will never be the same. i try to do things people recommends and i try to handle everything. but even on here any time i try to vent or talk out my problems it never works out. i'm tired of people thinking i'm looking for a pity party when most times i just want to vent or whatever. i'm tired of not knowing what i want. i'm tired of this

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  • Remember, we cannot handle it ALL ALL the time. We are just as human as everyone else. I agree with the other post, be candid with your doctor. They have so much they can offer in the way of helping you out of your rut/funk. Know you are not alone. Many hugs to you!


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