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Safe to induce a VBAC?

The latest I will be going this time around is 40 weeks 5 days. DS was C/S due to face presentation. Before they realized he was face presentation, I made it to 5cm very quickly and everything was going well.

This time, my OB said if I am ripe for induction, he will induce me at 40 wks 5 days, if not, I will have a RCS.

Does anyone have any resources or experience on the safety of inducing a VBAC? He said they would try a foley bulb, pitocin, and/or breaking my water. Thoughts?


Re: Safe to induce a VBAC?

  • The nurse practitioner that works with my ob said they will only induce if my body is already making changes. She didn't say how but I planned on asking the ob next time I see him.
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  • Forgive my siggy it's messed up big time and I cannot fix it. But I am planning my VBAC for my next and had a lot of questions for my OB. I had a condition last time, that I will likely get again that will make it so I am likely not able to carry to term, or maybe allow things to happen naturally. She said she would strip membranes, use the foley bulb and maybe a "little" pitocin if I was a good induction candidate, meaning my cervix was ripe.
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  • I was an induced after VBAC.  It was ok.  Induction sucks so unless your body is ready I wouldn't.
  • I was induced due to PROM. I only needed pitocin. My ob did say I could be induced at 41 weeks, as long as I had some progress. He didnt say all the methods the hospital allows, but I tend to progress a lot before labor, so he didnt need to tell me this. I personally, would do an induction before RCS in a heartbeat, but my csection recovery was rough.
  • I'm due in April and hoping for a VBAC. After talking to my dr she is all for it but she is not willing to induce me as that can increase the risk of tearing (which she said was still rare). She was willing to scrape the membranes and break my water if I dilate to 3 on my own! Good luck!

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