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A lot. As of right now he is in ND for a year, and gets to come home twice. TWICE. After a year, he will be home for 2 months, then gone again for 9 months in Antarctica doing contract work. No visits home, limited communications.

I hate his job. He thinks I am home spending his paychecks on shoes and nights out, but I am working 60+ hours, taking care of the girls, and hiding all of our clean laundry in a pile on our master bedroom floor.

I just am not sure how single moms handle all of the stress. When do you find time for yourself? I can't even shit without one cheering me on and the other gnawing on my knee.

It will only be for the next two years he is traveling this much, to gain knowledge in his field, but shit, I just want him to do the dishes for me, to sex me, and to bitch at. Is that too much to ask?

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Re: DH Travels

  • Let me guess. Electritian? I know a guy who did the Antarctica thing plus Iraq a few years ago. It sucked for his family. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this right now, hopefully it gets better soon and you have good support while he's away.
  • That's awful. DH travels some but not even close to that.

    Can you hire a sitter for a few hours so you can go out and be by yourself? Or have any friends who would be willing to trade favors?

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  • @brewcitygal and @capinjen152 he is a diesel mechanic. He works all the time, and I know he loves it and he is gaining experience with all the travels, but it is just tough. Especially when he jokes about coworkers getting hookers, it makes me that much more uneasy about it all. I know he wouldn't do that, but I guess they all get approached constantly. Uck.

    I always feel bad getting a sitter, but I might have to start doing it. Even if it is just for a trip to the hair salon or something. None of my other friends have babies I can trade sitting services for, but there is a wonderful girl down the street that has offered to now and then.

    Thanks all of you, I am glad I am not just being completely whiny! Well, only 80%.
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