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Pregnancy Check-In

Good morning!

How far along this week?  Any updates, questions, or anything else you want to share?
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Re: Pregnancy Check-In

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    I'm 31w4d today.  I feel like baby boy had a major growth spurt over the last few days.  He definitely feels bigger and has now moved into the rib cage area.  It has made walking the stairs at home a chore.  Feeling a little uncomfortable, but I think I'll feel better when my body has had a little time to adjust to his growth.  Not complaining - I have had a very easy and healthy pregnancy overall.

    We worked a little bit more on the nursery this weekend.  Just need to hang pictures and the picture ledge shelves that we are going to use as book shelves.  I am so excited about it.  I love it and look forward to sharing pics when it is done.

    In other news, we are going to a meet and greet for a pediatric group tonight to try and find a pediatrician.  And we have infant CPR class on Saturday.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    @herbabymama - how did the flying go?
    @mwagner25 - everything ok since your scare last week?
    @songbird31 - assuming your still pregnant, this week is the week, no?
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    [Deleted User]2MamazInSeattleGreysmom13
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  • Hello and welcome @Pinkspark. I am 31 going on 32 weeks this week. I am feeling okay after the contractions/scare last week. I have my last week of 12 hour shifts this week.... I am sure all of you are sick of hearing me count them down every week, but they will finally be over in October! The only time I start contracting now is after I do too much or at the end of those long shifts. Per a pedometer when I work those shifts I am averaging 4-6 miles of walking in those 12 hours, no wonder my body protests! Otherwise things are great. We have our growth scan tomorrow and meet our pediatrician. @ATXmommas, I know what you mean about starting to feel uncomfortable, I certainly have days that a foot is wedged in my rib cage. Hope everyone else is doing well. I will have to share some US pics from our appt tomorrow..... maybe on PIP Thursday.
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  • Well, this will be my last check in. I found out today that I will go in on Thursday morning to l&d and that's all she wrote. It seems strange and now I suddenly feel a new wave I things I need to do. But I had false labor all night long and I'm feeling ready to move forward. It was super painful, disconcerting, and of course kept all of us up all night with little progress. I'm so happy to have a little fall baby in my arms, my favorite season and its been just beautiful here only sparking thoughts of wonderful birthdays in the future with LO. I'm taking this time to re read some books on BF and early development and again all those lists... Lol. I'm also being extra cuddly with my pups, like I'll never be able to pay attention to them again. Silly, I know. So exciting for pinkspark and for all of you in that awesome 30ish weeks. Get the physical stuff done now. It was definitely week 35-36 that took its toll on me physically and there was no turning back! I can't imagine scrubbing floors over this last month! It's been so magical and I'm definitely going to cherish these last moments of baby in belly time.
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  • Just shy of 9 weeks, I am feeling pretty good morning sickness off and on, but no really bad episodes since week 7. Time is flying by - I can't believe I'm almost 9 weeks.  I love looking at the websites that show the development stages - it's so amazing to me how fast and intricate the growth of the baby is - biology is a miracle!! :-)

    Welcome @pinkspark ; & good luck this Thursday @songbird31 looking forward to pics of your little one soon :-)

  • I'm 27 weeks and my little guy is getting bigger! I can tell when he's sleeping and when he's all rambunctious now and I love it! I have been sick with sinus/head congestion the past several days and I'm hoping to get better soon. Welcome @pinkspark and @songbird31 yay!! Can't wait for pictures!

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  • Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! :)
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