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Another round of Provera?

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CD35, more BFNs and no sign of AF. Definitely got a false positive a few weeks ago on the CBE Advanced Digital OPK- darn them! RE said he would prescribe Provera 9/23 if I didn't start my cycle on my own. I think it's time to start medication and monitoring so we can figure out what is going on here. Has anyone taken Provera and gotten their period before the end of the 10 day prescribed amount? I have 2 work trips scheduled in October and I don't want to miss ANOTHER month because I will be out of town. Frustrated- and its Monday!


Re: Another round of Provera?

  • I have no experience with this, but I understand how frustrating a long cycle is. (My last cycle was 37 days with no O) I say anything that will help AF come and GO, then Go for it. Post an update if it works for you, I may ask my dr. about doing that also, if my cycles keep up they way they have been. I'm sorry the OPK gave you F/P, that is so annoying! Good luck, sweetie!
  • I'm really sorry you're having a long cycle. :(  I haven't ever taken Provera, so I'm not help.  Is there an ideal timing for AF that I can keep my fingers crossed for so that October isn't out?  Are most of your cycles anovulatory or do you get a mixture of ovulatory and anovulatory?

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