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Friggin Furbabies

I'm about to murder my dogs. This is the second remote control they have shredded this week!!!!! The first one was over 80 bucks to replace and I don't even know if I can replace this one grrrrrr........ The worst part is that it is from my parents entertainment system. So it has to be replaced. I know it's because they are bored because dh is away on course and I've been working crazy hours this week but COME ON!! Also, I'm not literally going to murder them. Duh lol friggin Furbabies

TTGP Jan Siggy Challenge: Workout Fails

Workout FAIL!. .. actually about 1% of the male population CAN

So THAT's how you get into baby-making position!



Re: Friggin Furbabies

  • My cat peed on mils purse today. She was in the bathroom so I hurriedly cleaned it with bleach and said NOTHING. Yes. I am a sneaky bitch....

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