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Does it change?

Last night, I babysat a boy and a girl, ages 2 and 3. I've watched them many times and their parents always tell me to bring my husband. Last night, i finally convinced him to go. He helped build train tracks and held a baby doll. The kids also had us laughing so hard, there were tears in our eyes. They were crawling like dogs in a way that made them look like the excorcist and sliding their faces on the floor. I had a blast. After they went to bed i asked my husband if he had fun and he said no. I was hoping the experience would get him a little more pumped about having kids, seeing that kids are so enjoyable since he's not around kids really ever. He saw that i was a little hurt and said it will be different with our kids. But it will did seem like he had a good time. Does it actually change with your own, for dads? I'm a preschool teacher so i already know i enjoy kids and of course will love my own more. But i just cant see someone waking up one day and thinking, oh i'm a parent. Now i have to like kids. I dont mean to offend anyone, just wondering if any dads changed their attitudes.

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  • Honestly, I don't enjoy playing with other people's kids much. I love being a mom though. I don't think those two things have to be connected.
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  • Joy2611 said:
    I'm not sure why you think this is a "man" thing only. I didn't enjoy kids much for years. I got older. My sister had kids that I'm related to. I fell in love with them and pretty much said one day "Wow. Kids are amazing." So - it was a combo of experience and maturity for me.

    This x10. My DH had younger siblings so he was always all about kids. I was the youngest of my family so I had zero baby experience. I also worked in a pet store so I dealt with annoying, unattended children all day. I swore I'd never have kids. I finally met some well behaved children and learned that I definitely want them, and know how I want to raise them. But.... I still dread other people's kids. My husband will gladly roll all over the floor to entertain someone's kids, whereas my feelings are more that its the parents job to make sure the kids are entertained, not ours. What's more important is that he wants to have kids WITH YOU. If you two are on the same page about TTC, that's great. But if he doesn't like kids, and isn't really sold on having any, you need to have a talk.
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  • I guess i was only looking at it from my eyes and not his. I enjoy kids so much, i chose a degree which enabled me to work with them everyday. I also jump at the chance to be with them on the weekends. And my husband doesn't not like children. He's more indifferent and it isn't his idea of a good saturday night. He's very good with them and looks like he's having fun. Its funny though because my mom used to be just like me and i remember her saying that once she had her own, she didn't enjoy other's children. Maybe one day my perspective will change and i won't like babysitting anymore.
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