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I hate my signature and it is being a pain in the petunia

Everyone on here has these cool and beautiful signatures :(

I usually go to account and then preferences and the signature to update it. However, when I do this, weird crap happens. Like, (for me) it doesn't save. I tried to create a ticker and when I went back into the board to view it, it wasn't there, it was just showing the code. I tried to center the text of my history and that won't save either. I also tried to include the link to my chart and it looked fugly (although I think it worked).

Does anyone have any pointers?

I've always considered myself fairly computer savvy. The Bump has me stumped.

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Re: I hate my signature and it is being a pain in the petunia

  • Im in the same boat, I figured it out once... decided to change it, changed it and now nothing shows up. -_-  GRR!
  • I'm lurking and had the same problem, so I'm going to try to explain it as best as I can :)

    Up at the top, do you see those 4 small icons? An earth, mailbox, star, and person? Click on the person and then click preferences. It'll take you to your own personal accounts page. 

    On the left, there's a list of items. Select "Signature Settings"  and it'll take you to your siggy.

     In the meantime, open up a new window to create your ticker. Once you've done that and you have your code, select the first one (there are two - one for HTML allowed and one for not allowed). 

    Go back to your siggy settings page and go down to the box where you type in your info. 

    Click the "<  >" box (it'll pop up "Show Source"). All of your siggy info will turn into html code.

     Scroll down to the bottom, paste your siggy code and then *SUPER IMPORTANT* , click the "show source" button again. This will return your siggy to how it will appear on posts. 

    Then click save -- just once here. :)  I hope that helps! It took me forever and a day to figure out mine and I felt like such a turd!!

    Good luck gals!
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  • Thank you for the information... This post has me wanting to fix it now! Lol. Thanks a lot @KC1212 hehe !!
  • @MJC1116 Woohoo! It worked!! Thanks darlin!! My pictures are bigger than I wanted, but I don't even care. lol :)
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