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Frequent UTIs

So I was talking to a friend today who told me she had been having frequent UTIs lately and she had sugar in her urine. They are testing her for high blood sugar but her doctor told her that this was a symptom of PCOS. I've been having very frequent UTIs over the last year and now I'm wondering if it could be related to my infertility. Anybody ever heard this??
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Re: Frequent UTIs

  • No, I haven't. I would bring it up with your doctor. I think UTIs are brought on by numerous factors.

    My doctor (just my regular one) told me that they are most common in the spring and fall. Also make sure you empty your bladder after sex.

    I swear by cranberry juice (although I realize not everyone likes it)

    I haven't heard of the correlation between UTIs, PCOS, and infertility (although that doesn't mean there isn't one)

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  • Some people are just prone to them. Make sure you're not holding your pee for long periods of time, and empty your bladder after sex like pp said. If you don't like cranberry juice, get some cranberry pills (vitamins) from any drugstore. I take those whenever we BD. I've never heard of UTI's being related to PCOS.
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  • I hope you don't mind i'm chiming in (I'm still TTC #1 but was browsing through the boards). I used to get frequent UTI's and i'm 100% sure that they are due to excessive sugar. I do have PCOS and when my RE had me undergo the glucose fasting test, I came up within the pre-diabetic range. Since i've eliminated a lot of my sugar intake, I haven't gotten a UTI in months. I went from drinking soda and iced tea to drinking nothing but water. I take Metformin for the PCOS and two OTC cranberry pills daily for preventative measures. I'm not saying that you have the same issues, but I figured i'd share what helped me thus far. I hope you start feeling better. 

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    IUI #4 with Follistim (115 iu) and ovidrel= BFN, developed OHSS, benched- 2 weeks of birth control pills
    IUI #5 with Follistim (75iu) and ovidrel= BFN........Taking a medication break for a few months
    IUI #6 with Follistim (75iu) every other day, femara and Lupron trigger= BFN
    *Taking a long break to get healthy and research/prepare for IVF*
    Goal: gain 5 lbs, gluten/dairy/soy/nut free
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  • Thank you for that info JadziaDax! And good luck to you!
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