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HELP! Am I pregnant or paranoid?!

My cycles are always 28 days and the first day of my last period was august 28th, 2013. My ovulation date was september 10th, 2013. I had unprotected sex on september 13th and 17th. My next period is due to start in 3 days on september 24th. On the 23rd day of my cycle (september 19th) i started having dull cramping. It felt like period cramps so i was convinced i was going to start my period early. The cramping hasn't stopped and every so often the cramping will become more intense and the dull back down.....this morning it was so intense i was convinced that i was going to start so i put a tampon in...and nothing happened.

Since i started having the cramping...every so often ill have a tiny tiny bit of watery brown spotting as well. Along with the cramping i have also felt very bloated, tired, moody and i've been eating more than normal. I've been thinking i may be pregnant because i just don't feel right and have been doing a lot of reading up on implantation cramping and bleeding/spotting...i took 3 test 2 days ago and they were all negative and i took 2 yesterday and they were both negative as well....i do however know that i haven't missed or been late for my period yet so it is maybe too early for a test to show positive. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I need answers and opinions, please
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