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Can anyone relate or give insight?

I'm 6 weeks and have had some spotting. No cramping and have already been to the doctor a few times because I'm high risk. I'm 33 and my only child is 13 so this is all new. My hcg levels are increasing slowly and the sac is growing but not as quickly as most pregnancies. My doctor hasn't lost hope but I'm not going to be seen again til the 30th and my mind won't stop. Has anyone had a similar experience with a successful pregnancy?

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  • This might be TMI but helpful. Till about 12 weeks I had some spotting. I was sure I'd miscarry because I have a history of miscarriages. The day I thought I miscarried, went to the hospital soaking through 2 pads on my way there, the doc did an ultrasound and baby was perfectly fine. They did remove a blood clot the size of a golf ball and put me on bed rest for 2 months. 

    The bleeding stopped. The spotting stopped and I am now 30 weeks with a boy. 
    I stressed I would miscarry which is why I had those symptoms. 
    So I would try not to stress about it and relax. Eat healthy and keep your mind occupied on positives.
    Hope all is well. 
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