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Postpartum Depression

Zoloft in third tri

Hey girls! So I am on 25 mg zoloft. Is anyone else on this or any antidepressants while in their third tri? I just want my baby to be safe!

Re: Zoloft in third tri

  • I take 50mg daily. I was on 100 mg before pregnancy, and I will probably go back to that after delivery. My doctor said it is best to stay on it so I don't have a depression relapse or panic attacks.
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  • I was on 300 mg of Effexor through my 2nd and 3rd trimester, and my daughter is perfectly healthy (now 15 months).
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  • I started taking 25mg of zoloft when 32 weeks and I am now 38 weeks. My sister took 100mg zoloft during her entire pregnancy and 75 mg during her 2nd pregnancy. She now has two perfectly healthy babies. Oh and she breasted both while still taking her meds.
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