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Formula to whole milk...

My twins turn 1 on Oct 8th. Did anyone start mixing whole milk with formula before they turned 1? It's only a few weeks away so I was wondering if I should start adding whole milk to their bottles?
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Re: Formula to whole milk...

  • My pedi said to start a couple weeks early to transition into it.
  • I've already given DD a few cups of regular milk in between formula feedings.  She only really gets formula when she first wakes up and when she's ready to go to bed for the night.
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  • DS started having small amounts of whole milk when he was 11 months. I didn't mix it though. We just started with small amounts and slowly increased milk and decreased formula. He was totally on milk right at a year old.

  • my pedi said after 11 months it was ok to give DD cow's milk. i gave it to her by itself just to see if she would like it or not. luckily, she loved it! she pretty much took to it cold turkey. whew!
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  • Thanks guys!
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  • My twins turn 1 on Oct 4th! Yay for October twinkies!!!
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  • Our pediatrician said we would discuss the transition at LO's 12 month appointment. I haven't given her any whole milk yet, because I'm waiting to hear what she says about it.
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