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How often do you test ? after you get a positve how often do you BD?

Re: OPKs

  • When using the Clearblue Easy brand I tested once maybe twice a day. I bought the cheapie wondfo dip tests and test 3x a day now...since they are so cheap. However, I've never gotten a positive, so not sure how to advise. We bd every other day regardless, just in case. Good luck!
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  • I also use Wondfo brand because they are cheap. Which leads to obsessive peeing :)

    I usually ovulate between day 12-15, so I start around day 9-10. I know the brand well enough that when it's almost positive, we have sex, and then usually the day of a positive as well.

    Although, if you see fertile CM, you should just have sex, positive OPK or not. You could miss your surge, that is why I test twice a day.

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     I usually ovulate on CD 12 so I start checking mid morning and then 10-12 hours later in the evening on CD9-10.  I have a fade in pattern so that gives me a good idea by how dark it is to know when to test again.    I use wondfos as well..

    As for BD we never have a timing issue as we BD almost daily anyways.  Sometimes more during fertile week or a positive opk
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