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I know, not a lovely title but I was wondering how long you would let your toddler go having this before you call the md, if at all. My son has had diarrhea for about 3 days and seems fine otherwise. I think its just a stomach bug going through his daycare and he is drinking fluids just wanted to know what to do in this case. I was just planning on keeping a close eye on him.
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Re: diarrhea

  • BRAT diet. 
  • Last time we had the lovely experience, doc said no more BRAT diet recommended. I was surprised. Ease up on the dairy and let him eat normally as he wants is what we were told. Pedialyte pops were recommended. Since its a Friday, I would maybe call the doc office if they have a nurses line just to say hey, this is happening and see if they recommend anything for the weekend if it does not improve. Good luck. I hate those stomach bugs.
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  • Our office says diarrhea can take two weeks to clear up.  Dehydration would be the main thing to watch for, but it sounds like that's not a concern.
  • My son is going through that now. Every month or so he has it for a week or two. No fever, no complaining, and is otherwise perfectly fine. I think he may have a sensitivity to milk, so I'm switching to rice milk (which is what he drank after he turned 1). I've been told that so long as he's happy and hydrated and not looking unhealthy, that so long as it clears up within a week or two not to worry. I have a 3 year check up so I'm definitely going to ask about it. I've also read a lot of forums with mothers having similar complaints and several brought up some sort of benign diarrhea that apparently occurs in young ones for no reason. Strikes me as odd. But I would just make sure diet is good, hydrated properly, and looks generally normal. If you start to feel its dragging, call your nurse hotline. Many times the nurses can advise you what to do and possibly pass info to ped to make further recommendations. Hope it clears up soon!!
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  • I'd probably let it go at least a week before calling as long as he seemed okay otherwise. Our pedi doesn't really get concerned until it goes on for 2 weeks or more unless they have other symptoms or aren't eating, etc.

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