Clomid twins ... Then fertility drugs again?

My twins were conceived via clomid and iui. My doctor suggested if we wanted to try for a third, he would prescribe femara as it has a lower date of conceiving multiples. Has anyone experienced this? I'm finding a lot of conflicting information about multiples and femara.
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Re: Clomid twins ... Then fertility drugs again?

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    Femara and injectables got us our boys.
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    I tried both clomid and femera with IUI and I produced around the same number if follicles on both drugs. Ultimately I think it just depends how your body responds, everyone is different.
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    Femara didn't help me get pregnant, but I believe that in 3 out of 4 Femara cycles I had more than one mature follicle. At least one time I had 3.

    I have heard that Femara has a lower chance of multiples than Clomid does, but I've just heard that on the boards here. My RE never made mention of it, nor did I read it in a reputable source, etc.

    Good luck!

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    You can definitely still end up with twins by using Femara.  I think the best way to avoid it again would be to only have sex or IUI that cycle if you see no more than 1 follicle developing. 
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    Yup, I am expecting my boy/girl twins from femara (clomid thinned my lining too much) and injectables. However, I didn't produce more than one follicle until we started the injectables. That being said, I also had three failed IUI's before we started them.
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