Question for friend with PROM at 27 weeks

I have a friend whose water broke at 27 weeks last weekend. Still in the hospital, baby still cooking. What are the experiences with this from mamas on this board?
This is a family we know from. NICU who lost a triplet at 34 weeks. I just so desperately want this baby to be okay for her.  Any stats or support appreciated.  Thanks!
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Re: Question for friend with PROM at 27 weeks

  • My LO was born at 27w2d, 2lbs 6.5oz. I was able to get the steroid shots before hand to help with his lung development. We were lucky that he had no other health issues, he just needed to grow. We spent 68 days in the NICU and he's doing wonderfully! We've been home for 3.5 weeks now and he's doing great. Lots of luck to your friend, hopefully she can keep baby cooking a bit longer!
    Hoping this one stays put a little longer
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  • My water broke at 28 weeks exactly and I was able to keep my baby in for another 2 weeks. That was enough time for me to get the steriod shots and I actually had 24 hours of mag to help with her brain growth. So far she is doing great, but she's only 11 days old so we still have a long NICU stay to go. Probably around another 4 weeks.

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  • I had a tear that probably resealed at 21-22 weeks or so, and although my fluid was low, I was able to keep her in until 26w2days.  I was on hospital bedrest for 24 days before I got an infection and had to immediately have the baby.  My daughter was in the NICU for 83 days and although I had the steroid shots, she still needed a lot of oxygen/respiratory support.  She is still looking at a long road in the NICU, but every day she can keep her baby cooking shaves days off of the NICU stay. 
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    Dd was born at 27 weeks exactly. I had one steroid shot 1.5 hours before the emergency c-section. She was growth restricted and weighed 1lb 11 oz. We were incredibly lucky and dd came out crying and breathing on her own. She was on CPAP to help with pressure and by 10 days she was off all breathing assistance. She spent 79 days in the NICU.

    She had torticollis and went to PT for a few months, but that was her only "preemie issue". She is now 14 months old and is completely caught up.

    Lots of good thoughts for your friend.
  • Thank you, ladies.  I appreciate the responses.
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