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Intro/newbie here

So, I've been lurking for a few weeks trying to feel out the vibe before introducing myself. DH and I are considering TTC. He brought up the idea last year and I brushed it off thinking it was a mid-life crisis sort-of thing since he was knocking on 40's door. He still talks about it quite frequently and I've begun to take him seriously now. After DD was born (she's 9 now,) I very much wanted to have one but never got the vibe that he did. I resolved myself with the idea that we were done and I would have to get my baby fixes with other peoples' LOs. I'm still trying to let it all sink in! Hope I can be a contributor here and look forward to learning everyone's stories. :)

Re: Intro/newbie here

  • Good luck with you journey!!
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    Feb 2/14. Saw baby via ultrasound (quick scan in ER) @ 19w6d

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    Feb 15/14. AS - baby looked great (measured 1w small) and would NOT let us see sex! @ 21w5d 

    Feb 20/14  3D US - its a GIRL!!!!! @ 22w3d

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    Mar 6/14. Heard HB (130bpm) via Doppler @ 24w3d


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  • Welcome! We have an eight year gap between DD1 and DD2. It's been fine.
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