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how long did you wait to tell

How long did you guys wait to tell friends and fam about your pregnancy?  What did you do to hide symptoms and things like no drinking in the mean time?  Not pg, just curious.

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Re: how long did you wait to tell

  • We were so excited, we told our parents right away.  This was before we were on facebook, my brother in law posted the news and our friends and family started contacting us right after.  Now we know to keep it to ourselves for a while for the next time.
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  • I told everyone when I found out. I'm not really a superstitious person.

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  • We told my sister right away (the stick wasn't even dry), my parents 2 hours later and my in-laws the next day. They were our support network during our m/c so I felt okay if I had to un-tell them. Majority of people knew around 12 weeks. 
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  • About 10 or 11 w we told family. Everyone else- 14 w

    I plan to try to do the same or a little longer with the next one.
  • The first time I was pregnant I wanted to wait to see the heartbeat, but DH was SOOO excited he ended up telling the entire family immediately. 48hrs later I miscarried, and I was so upset/emotional.  I made him be the one to go "un-tell" everyone.

    When we got pregnant with DD 6 months later...we waited until we had seen the heartbeat to tell our immediate families, and didn't "go public" until 14weeks (after we had gotten results from the NT scan)

    I waited at work until almost 16 weeks because it was the end of the year/annual review time. I wanted to have my review prior to telling my boss that I would be going on maternity leave the following year for 4 months.

  • First pregnancy, I was hesitant to share, although I told a few close friends and family right about the 10 week mark. After my son was diagnosed with CDH (congenital diaphragmatic hernia) at the 20 wk mark and I reached out to some of the close friends I thought would be supportive and the first response from some ppl was that it must have been something I did wrong. So we won't be jumping off the roof to share with everyone. 

    I don't drink much so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary to refuse a drink. 

    When we get pregnant again, I will be more cautious with whom I share. We may only share on a need to know basis. To get my full maternity leave benefit here in the UK, I'll need to notify work by the time I'm 25 weeks along. But may notify my boss earlier / once I start showing.  

    I have no plans for a FB announcement. 
  • Told 1 friend after we found out,then family & friends after the 1st appointment but def out parents first. FB posts about it are always fun & I did that at 16 weeks.
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  • Told our parents at 7 weeks. Told our friends/family at 12 weeks after we heard the heartBEAT. And had to call everybody back a week and a half later and tell them that there were heartbeatS!
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  • Told parents, siblings and close friends at 8-10 weeks.  Told work at 14-16 weeks.
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  • Told my best friend right after I peed on the stick, our families after our first apt at 8 weeks, friends at 14 weeks and work at 19.
  • My sister and brother in law knew the day we found out (H couldn't keep it a secret).  H told his work at 6 weeks, I told mine at 8 weeks.

    I told my best friend at 10 weeks, and we told our parents and rest of the family at 12 weeks.

    I announced on facebook at 13 weeks. 

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  • Our immediate family, close friends, and a few coworkers know about our IVF cycle.  If it is successful, we will probably tell them right away.  Everyone else will have to wait until the 1st tri is over.




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  • DH and I always said we'd wait for the heartbeat, but when we got the BFP last month, given the crazy situation and brain trauma, he kind of  randomly just let it drop out to a few family and friends when they came to visit.  

    A week later the pregnancy failed.  Next time we will definitely be waiting.   The TBI isn't fresh so I think he'll be able to hold back next time.  Having to tell people that you aren't pregnant a week after you told them you were is not fun at all.  

    As far as drinking, make/order yourself a mocktail, pull the not feeling well/headache creative! :)

    I guess it's a lot of chance and a bit superstition, and you just have to do whatever feels right for you! 


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  • Our plan for when we do get a BFP is to wait till 12 weeks at least. We do not drink that much so that won't be an issue but some of our friends smoke indoors at their house, and we go there a lot, so that will be a bit difficult to avoid without questions. But we are also planning to wait to avoid the insane amounts of drama his mother creates. My poor SIL has had about enough of it with her pregnancy, so we vowed to try to stay as far out of it as possible.
  • My MIL was at the doctor's office with me for egg retrieval and transfer (she and I are very close) so as soon as I had a good beta we told her and FIL. We waited to tell everyone else til around 9 weeks - there was no hiding it at that point though because I was incredibly bloated from mild OHSS, IVF meds, and early pregnancy and even my coworkers knew something was up.
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  • Told everyone right away. Everyone was waiting for the news from us anyways for a long time :)
  • I was about 6 weeks pregnant at my wedding so had to say I was too nervous to drink at my bachelorette party and me and my underage sis stuck to sparkling grape juice!! Lol I'm not a big drinker, and luckily most of the others got a little too shit faced to notice I didn't touch the specialty ale they had brought just for me!! Lol

    As far as telling people I told DH as soon as I found out! And then my sister. I surprised my immediate family at about 11 or 12 weeks. I waited until the family Christmas party to tell the rest of the fam at about 14 weeks. I told work about the same time.
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    I told my parents right after I told DH.  My BFF's knewby 5 weeks, family and other friends knew by 8-10 weeks and we announced on FB and to my 2nd grade students  around 12 weeks.


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  • Someone once told me a good rule of thumb. For the first trimester only tell the people who would be your support if you had a miscarriage. For my first pregnancy we told only family and close friends in the first few weeks. Work found out around 10 weeks because I had been so sick. Looked like crap and was constantly in the bathroom. We had seen heartbeat so I felt ok that it came out. FB announcement was at 12 weeks.

    Just had a BFP last cycle, and it was over a week later. So I'm glad only our parents and my best friend knew.

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  • Not long enough. I agree with only telling those who will support you through a loss, and also won't share your news without consent. Which is why MIL found out after the first trimester after my first loss.
  • I told everyone when I found out. I'm not really a superstitious person.
    I don't waiting has anything to do with superstition.  It's because of this:
    Not long enough. I agree with only telling those who will support you through a loss, and also won't share your news without consent. Which is why MIL found out after the first trimester after my first loss.
    We waited until 8 weeks for close family and 12 weeks for everyone else for DD.  It was more like 6 and 8 for DS because DH accidentally facebooked it.
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