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Postpartum Depression

To take or not

Approximately 10 years ago I was Effexor XR, it worked pretty good for me while I was on it.  I sorta felt like superwoman.  However, when I weaned off of the drug, it was HORRIBLE.  I felt like a fish out of water for a solid month.  The anxiety, the brain zaps, the fogginess, just overall feeling - not that I slid back into depression - but the side effects of weaning off that particular drug were not fun.  I swore I'd never go on it again.

Now here I am pp and have tried a couple different drugs (Zoloft, wellbutrin, and celexa) none have worked.  I still feel pretty depressed.  So, my question is - would you go on a drug that you knew would help but would also be very hard to wean off of at some point, and that just means to me it's doing some pretty crazy things to my innards! :p  Or do you continue to try to find something else (even with as horrible as you feel)!?!?

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