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Tumbling Tykes Latham, NY

Anyone been there? I don't see a lot of reviews about this place. Is it worth the $8 to let LO play once it is too cold for a park? What about birthday parties?

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  • I bought groupon deals to try it out. There is one going on right now so I would check groupon ASAP.  If your child is a crawler its ok, if they can walk it is excellent. My son loved the place from the beginning. He was at the point where he was just about to walk and after taking him there he started walking. I think it is a great place for kids to improve motor skills. I also think it is the best indoor playplace in the area for younger kids but you will see kids like 6-7 years old there too and they love it. I have been to TReepaad and that place is geared toward older kids. My son is 2 now and we got a yearly membership and take him at least once a week. My only complaint is that it can get crowded at certain times. I kind of wish they would expand into a bigger building.  If you go early you can avoid the crowds for a little though.Hope this helps!
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  • My son is 16 months and loves it! It's a great place for him to play and interact with other kids especially when the weather isn't good to be outside. The groupon is a great deal.
  • I agree with others. My daughter has loved it here since she was walking. She's now 4. It has been under new ownership the last few years and has gotten so much better since we first began going.
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