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Clomid or Lap?

Hello ladies - I try to post some, but I tend to lurk a lot.

You can see my history below....all of my testing done at the end of August came back normal and we are waiting on DH's SA results tomorrow or Friday.

At this point we are considering either starting clomid or doing a laproscopy. We do suspect that there could be endo or excess scar tissue from my c-section. I am just not sure what to do. I don't want to "waste" a couple of cycles of clomid - and then to a lap and find out there was additional stuff going on - but it also just feels weird to request to have a surgery.

Just wanted to see if anyone had any advice. TIA!

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Re: Clomid or Lap?

  • Before I started medicated cycles for TTC #2 we did a hysteroscopy to check for scar tissue from my c/s. It was quick and painless, and I assume it would be much less invasive than a lap. I also did one last month to ensure no leftover scars from my D&C. Perhaps suggest that to your dr?


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