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XP: Where did you buy your big kid bedding?

Right now, DS is in his toddler bed (converted from his crib).  We are looking at converting his toddler bed to a full bed for his 3rd birthday, and redoing his room completely.  Those of you who have redone your LO's room, where did you find bedding?  I am having a hard time finding something I like that is also reasonably priced.  Thanks!  :)
DD~6 years old~born June 6, 2008 (1st grade)
DS~4 years old~born November 6, 2010 (1st year of preschool)

Re: XP: Where did you buy your big kid bedding?

  • Pottery barn kids

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  • For DD, I bit the bullet and got Land of Nod b/c I couldn't find anything else I really liked. I wanted something with lavender in it and at the time, that was super hard to find. Now, it's everywhere! It was super expensive but it really is super nice quality. 

    I'm doing the same thing you are right now for DS and I think I'm getting PB Kids. It's expensive, but it's the cutest stuff I can find. The Target lines for GIRLS right now are really cute but I think the boy sets look kid of cheap. But, you can check that out! It's an option if you don't care if it lasts for years and years. I looked online  at Bed Bath Beyond and Penney's but didn't see anything that I really liked for DS's room. 
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  • after looking at a million sites and tons of bedding, I ended up at target for DS's room. I can say that the comforter was not good quality and we opted instead for the quilt and sheets of the cars/trucks/transportation theme and i love it. Washes well, color is still vibrant and DS loves it.
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  • We ended up doing Land of Nod too, their stuff is just such quality.  I looked and looked believe me, I was hesitant to shell out the money for it, but in the end we picked something that will grow with her and seems like it would wash well.  We did sheets from Target.
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    I wanted something that would work into elementary school or lter so I went w the madras quilt from PBK for Ds.i got navy sheets at first and he absolutely hates them, I have since switched to white hat I got at bed bath and beyond. For dd, I showed her photos from a number of places of quilts that could also last a number of years and she picked one from PBK funny enough. Basic white sheets for her too and their beds dont need bedskirt so the only real "bedding" was the mom actually got them eacha pillow sham from pbk last year w their names on it and the happen to work great w the quilts so that was a onus.I saw some adorable duvet covers but mine drives me crazy enough so I thought I would not go there for the kids!
  • Since LO is sill in the age of wetting the bed every once in awhile, Target.

    In a couple years, I will buy something more expensive and of better quality but for now it was Jersey knit sheets (super soft by the way) and an animal safari quilt.  Its cute, he likes it, that's what matters.


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  • Target.... I found a cute quilt with frogs :)
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  • I did a mix and match - I used a duvet cover from Ikea and sheets from Target. I love to change things up frequently so I loved finding items that meet a budget. The duvet has lots of colors and Target has every color of solid sheets. Love the look!

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  • Target. I even found wall stickers to match the decor.
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  • When DS finally decided on a theme for his room I started searching. He said he wanted race cars. I found a Circo set on eBay for 39.99. With shipping it was less the $50. I really wanted to avoid making his new room cartooney. Before he decided I was looking at character sheets and a solid comforter. GL
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  • Not sure if you are looking for organic sheets but I found Magnolia Organics to be the cheapest 100% organic cotton sheets when looking for our son! - Healthy, non-toxic product recommendations for children from a mom who has really used them!
  • Land of Nod. Got a great deal Thanksgiving weekend. It was the only time I found a discount code and free shipping.
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  • Another vote for Land of Nod. I bought the duvet cover and 2 shams. For the sheets and dust ruffle, I went with Target.
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